Who’s Leaving The View?

I’m truly flabbergasted. I never expected this from this woman. Deadline.com is reporting that one of the ladies is leaving when her contract expires in August. When the site talked to this co-host, she revealed she was leaving to focus on other projects. ABC released a statement stating this woman was instrumental in the success of The View and said the following.

“We wish her all the best in this next chapter, and are thrilled that we have her for the remainder of the season.” – ABC

With Barbara Walters reportedly scaling back her involvement on the show, and this co-host leaving, the panel is definitely going to look quite differently when the ABC daytime talk show returns for a 17th season in September. Find out who’s leaving below.

It’s none other than Joy Behar herself. The 70-year-old comedian has been with The View since the show debuted. With exception to Walters, Behar is the sole original member left on the panel. There are also rumors that Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s future with the show is up in the air. Can we expect a reboot of The View come September? I wonder if all these changes are due to rival daytime chatter The Talk’s increasing ratings.

“It seemed like the right time. You reach a point when you say to yourself, ‘Do I want to keep doing this?’ There are other things on my plate I want to do — I’ve been writing a play, I’ve been neglecting my standup.” – Joy Behar

Will you miss Joy Behar on the show? Rumors suggest that Behar might pop up on CNN. She recently was seen meeting with network head Jeffrey Zucker. Do you think Elisabeth’s exit is on the way as well? Sound off below.

  • stranded

    Never liked Joy. Always came off as a bitch but WOW this lady is 70?

  • Nick

    if anyone should leave then it’s Hasselbeck

  • Oliver

    What a shame. Joy is one of my favorites on the show!
    I agree, Hasselbeck should leave. I cannot believe that people give Hasselbeck a platform to express her intolerant views and beliefs.

  • Chris

    Joy is clever, biting, and smart, and she is the only one willing to challenge Hasselbeck. I just may no longer be interested in watching….

  • Adam

    Hasselback is the worst person ever. (nearly).
    I love the impressions of Joy- and DAMN 70?? Good on her.

  • Ryan

    I know I’m not alone in me commenting on this….but, Joy is 70?! Dayumn.

  • justin

    hasselback got fired.

  • danielle

    omg i am truly going to miss joy she is one of my favorite ppl on the show..I wish hassleback was leaving i cant stand her shes a racist witch and the only reason y i am watching the show is because of joy and whoopi..I tell u this let whoopi leave i will not be watching the view…

  • country

    Seems like a couple people are being given the boot. My opinion if you want the View to keep going on, you will keep Whoppie’ and keep the panel all woman!

  • Maggie

    I have said that HASSLEBACK should be the one to leave. With Joy leaving, all that is left is Woopi and I just love her to pieces. Today, while watching The View, Hassleback opened her mouth and I turned my TV off. Nice going Barbara. I will find another venue to stay connected to Woopi. I thought I was alone in my feeling, but not so. She really is NOT liked by a lot of people.

  • Emma

    I Love,Love Whoopi she is so common sense!!! Sherrie is a great
    part of what makes this show successfull !!
    Elizabeth should have been gone long ago!!! What an
    attitude about everything. So prissy!

  • Sherri

    Hope Elizabeth goes I can’t stand her & damn Joy Is 70??? She wears it well!!!

  • Carol

    I think Elizabeth is great….I like that she can stand up to the other women on this panel…she has guts. AND I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN….

  • Patricia

    I’ll miss Joy. She is the main reason I watch the show. While Elizabeth is being shown the door, push Sherree right behind her.Sherree is worse than Star Jones. Why don’t they make her son a member of the panel? Thanks to her we have to hear about him every day, even when he’s not relevant to the (a) topic.

  • vivian

    Barbara please retire already we need younger female in the show barbara is great but is time to go overall the show is very good.