Homorazzi & Friends As “The Boardroom Briefs” In The Underwear Affair

Yesterday, fellow cast member Rich and myself, along with a group of our friend, participated in the BC Cancer Foundation’s “The Underwear Affair“. The annual event is to raise money for and bring awareness to the “hidden” cancers like prostate, colorectal, ovarian, testicular, bladder, cervical, and uterine. It was my first time participating in the event and I had a blast.

SO much money was raised ($633,000) and so many people went all out in their costumes and group themes. Ours was “Boardroom Briefs,” but it was the amazing “Screamin’ Seamen” that won best group, dressed in sailor outfits. Their group name was amazing.

The run itself was 10 km in downtown Vancouver, along the seawall, over the Burrard Street Bridge, then around False Creek. With over 1,000 people participating in the event, It certainly got a lot of attention as people honked their horns and cheered everyone on. I finished 39th out of 621 runners with a time of 46:49 – I’m happy with that! After the run, everyone rewarded themselves with some well-deserved refreshing beer. We had a lot of fun and I highly recommend participating next year. Check out a few more pictures of our team below.

As you can see there wasn’t much room to place our running number – LOL. I’m the short guy in the middle, Rich is the tall guy on the far left 🙂

Our team getting ready to run the 10 km.

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