The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Character Posters Released

A couple of months ago, posters of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner debuted online. Given that they’re the three main stars of the “Twilight” franchise, it only makes sense the studio used their images as part of the first promotional push for the last installment of the vampire films. Almost two months later, the secondary characters are finally getting their due.

23 character posters of those appearing in “Breaking Dawn Part 2” were unveiled during Comic-Con. As with all the previous films, the Cullen clan all receive their own images. Also in the graphic pack are those from the Denali clan and characters from all the covens, including the Egyptian, Irish, Amazon and Romanian ones.

Personally, I can’t wait for the “Twilight Saga” to die a true death. Sure, I’ve watched them, out of necessity because of our site, but they aren’t the best written films. The Harry Potter franchise is far superior and even with only one film under its belt, “The Hunger Games” is better than all the Twilight films combined. I’m probably going to receive massive hate from all the Twihards, but oh well… it’s my two cents. Check out all the brand new character posters below.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Peter Facinelli

Esme Cullen

Elizabeth Reaser

Alice Cullen

Ashley Greene

Emmett Cullen

Kellan Lutz

Rosalie Hale

Nikki Reed

Jasper Hale

Jackson Rathbone


Lee Pace


MyAnna Buring


Casey LaBow


Maggie Grace


Mia Maestro


Christian Camargo


Judith Shekoni


Tracey Heggins


Guri Weinberg


Noel Fisher


Patrick Brenna


Marlane Barnes


Lisa Howard


Omar Metwally


Rami Malek


Andrea Gabriel


Angela Sarafyan

  • Rob

    Not at all, I’m with you
    the saga got really weird
    like the whole placenta-eating thing

    it’s just gross and makes no sense at all
    and the bad acting was forgivable in the first movies but like all these years laters, they’re millionaires and can’t afford a drama teacher? really?

  • KB

    Agreed. Buffy & Angel were the kick ass vampires/slayers…twilight is literally a joke to watch…its just that bad. Hard to believe kristen stewart, the girl with absolutely no personality or acting potential is the most paid actress in hollywood over the franchise. I too am waiting for its ultimate demise.

  • maisha kenyatta

    Twilight is superb in its own right. The various characters connecting on some mystical level is awesome, and it gives a new life style for vampires.