The True Heroines: “Flash Forward” A Comic Strip Cabaret Review

Last night, I was thoroughly entertained by “The True Heroines” in their live performance of “Flash Forward” A Comic Strip Cabaret at Guilt & Co. in Vancouver’s historic Gastown. The True Heroines is a live cabaret show featuring sexy 50s housewives that sing and dance their way out of trouble – some of them are HSAs (Humans With Special Abilities). It’s also a webseries. The True Heroines are Paula Giroday, Jovanna Huguet (a good friend of mine), and Fiona Vroom. The three ladies created the show along with Joel Sturrock and the talented writer, Nicholas Carella. Although the trio are The True Heroines, last night’s show was about some of the other characters in the show.

In the performance I watched last night, we were taken back to a place called New Paradise Hill and got to see what life was like post-war in small town USA. A brand new town is ready to welcome new families after the war. Milkmen. Factories. And of course, sexy ladies! But there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. New Paradise Hill is actually recruiting the Milkmen because of their military background, and brainwashing them into working with them to hunt for the HSAs. After some help from the sexy persuasion department, the milkmen are wearing less clothing, gaga over the ladies, and ready to take orders.

In last night’s show, the cast included Ali Liebert (Harper’s Island), Leah Gibson (Twilight), and Joel Sturrock as Gordon the Milkman. Sturrock was also the choreographer for the show.

Class is now in session for these new Milkmen recruits. From Left to Right, Milkman trainer played by Graham Coffeng, and Milk recruits Joey Matt (SYTYCDC Season 1), Joel Sturrock, and our (and my) very own Tyrell Witherspoon.

All of the handsome, and often shirtless men in the show last night offered something for everyone.

The music and singing were fantastic and those involved in this show are very talented performers and singers. David Mongar was a hilarious character and MC for the evening and Leah Gibson was fierce as the lady in charge, Ruby Fitzgerald.

Ali Liebert was incredibly funny as Ethel Worthington, a shy and awkward woman who was at first a member of our audience, and later Ruby’s voice of encouragement after she finder her own woman within herself. I must give props to Nicholas Carella, whom I met last night, for the incredible writing – the show is incredibly creative, humorous, & clever.

I highly recommend watching The True Heroines (nominated for Clubvibes Award) live performances and webseries. It’s definitely something Vancouver should be very proud of. There will be many more shows to come!