Adam’s Newest and Best Thriller Release: “The Triangle”


We all know my penchant for thrillers- not just the slash and gash gore variety, but the ones with more twists and turns than driver’s ed test. I’ve written multiple articles on the topic- suggesting some stellar recent past and older flicks you need to rent with the boyfriend du jour to trick em’ into grabbin’ you mid-stab, this time I’m gettin’ it nice and early before broad release. “The Triangle” is a new thrill-ride by Christopher Smith, the director of “Severance” (see my review of THAT gem here) and stars the sexy and Australian and ever-gorgeous Melissa George.

Now, to warn you, this is one of those “thinker” movies which will at first give you pause as you try to logically understand the twisting of time and the paradoxical notion of seeing future and past “you’s”. But, without giving anything away, what REALLY sells this movie for me is the heavy and laden use of Greek mythology throughout… Oh, and the deck-hand in this movie is not only completely gorge, but possibly homo as well!

The basic- no spoiler- premise of the film is that a ship-wrecked sailboating group of 5 end up getting mid-Ocean saved by a seemingly deserted cruise-ship (man there was a lot of dashes in that sentence!!). As per the typical horror, they soon discover they aren’t alone as members of the party begin paying the ultimate price… their lives!! Okay, cheesy sounding story-line aside, there’s a twist of fate and time that pushes this one from the level of “Cabin Fever” to “Sixth Sense”. No, they aren’t ghosts the whole time, don’t worry. But, if you have any knowledge of the mythology of Sysiphus, Charon, Hades et al. you are going to bust a nut over how well this movie is put together from start to finish.

Definitely one you need to pay attention from opening scene to rolling credits- this isn’t a movie you can watch while cleaning your room and having it on in the background. Melissa George is a blessing to this one. While I love her in pretty much every single thing she does- don’t get me started on her on “Alias” the TV epic- she truly shines as the tortured protagonist of “The Triangle”. Distant and tired, she becomes a Kill Bill-esque fighter that leaves you wondering if she was an FBI agent in a past life. More than her physical abilities though, her determination as a friend and mother is what carries the soul of this movie as you watch her change dramatically throughout the film. Her abilities as an actress are one of the few reasons the huge changes to her personality are not outright dismissed as unrealistic and instead accepted as honest and sorrowful.

Okay, it sounds like I got a handsy from Christopher Smith and am overly praising this one I know, but honestly, give it a try and keep an open mind because I truly believe you won’t be disappointed. Even if you think you know “what’s up”, until the very last scene this movie is at it’s basest a character study of tragedy and love.

PLEASE find it online or see in theatres if available to you and let me know what you think!!! I can’t be the only person to see this!!

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    Haha Triangle!

  • Haha, it’s just a coincidence kodie… they didn’t base the movie on him heheh.