The Talk Spoofs Sex And The City

The ladies of “The Talk” are certainly coming into their own for their second season. After a couple of cast changes, which included Leah Remini and Holly Robinson being replaced by Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler, the show is experiencing record ratings. Don’t get it twisted, they’re not at the levels of “The View” yet, but they’re certainly on the uptick.

To keep the momentum going, the ladies are uprooting the show and heading off to the Big Apple. “The Talk” will be filming a few episodes in New York City from December 12-16. According to the show, the response has been overwhelming with ticket requests going through the roof. Apparently, the show’s website crashed from the avalanche of requests. LOL. You would think CBS would’ve been better prepared for that.

From the sounds of it, the girls don’t need to do any promotion for their field trip. But that’s not stopping them. What’s more iconic than “Sex and the City“? Nothing apparently. The girls decided to film a spoof depicting the daytime talkers as the fabulous Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. Based on the clothing they’re wearing, I’m guessing Sara Gilbert is Carrie, Aisha Tyler is Miranda, Sheryl Underwood as Charlotte and by process of elimination Julie Chen as Samantha. Who knew, Mrs. Les Moonves was the slutty one out the group. LOL? Check out the clip below. You’ll never see Chenbot in the same way again.

“The Talk” Spoof “Sex and The City”

How hilarious did a drenched Julie look with mascara and false eyelashes all over her face? It’s a pretty straightforward spoof but entertaining nonetheless. Are you watching “The Talk”? What do you think of the newbies? I actually didn’t mind Holly Robinson, but Aisha Tyler is turning out to be a good fit for the show. Haven’t warmed up to Underwood yet and at times she makes me miss the loud and bit cray cray Leah Remini. That’s my two cents, what’s yours?

  • Haji

    My friends and I banned the show after Leah was kicked off!!!