Ever since reality television became a ratings magnet, there has been some questionable programming by networks trying to out shock and outdo its competitors with ridiculous premises and gimmicks. FOX arguably is one of the biggest offenders.

Over the years, the network has produced such gems as More To Love (a plus-sized Bachelor type dating show), Playing It Straight (a woman dates a group of men trying to figure out which one is gay/straight), Temptation Island (seemingly happy couples are tempted to cheat with hot singles on an island), The Littlest Groom (another Bachelor-type show involving dwarfs) and of course Mr Personality (a dating show with Monica Lewinsky as host featuring masked men). And those are just the ones off the top of my head.

One of the most maligned and criticized reality offering by the network is making a comeback. FOX just announced they’ve greenlit a past show but with a celebrity twist. Find out which one below and how the network plans to execute it with “stars” and I use that term loosely. Keep reading to find out.

Get ready for Surgery with the Stars or better known as The Swan celebrity edition. If you recall, the premise of FOX’s reality show put “ugly” women through an extreme makeover which consisted of dental and cosmetic surgery, a personal trainer and a therapist. Each episode feature two women who underwent the process with one advancing to the season finale pageant. The winner was awarded a cash prize, car, a vacation and other swag. Total inappropriateness, right? Believe it or not, the show lasted two seasons.

Celebrity Swan will feature female celebrities and will offer these popular women the incredible opportunity to undergo physical, psychological and career changes as cameras follow them through the transformative process. This opportunity will allow these women to come back better than ever, have a second chance at personal and career redemption and re-introduce themselves to their supportive fans in a whole new way.”

Even though the show has been approved and production scheduled to begin in the coming months, it all depends if FOX can convince D-listers to participate in this potential trainwreck. With that said, Deadline is reporting that there are two potential contestants being considered. Who? The world’s most famous intern Monica Lewinsky and former Happy Days star Erin Moran. Can’t get any more D-list than that. What do you think of FOX’s decision to bring back The Swan? Will you tune in to check it out? Sound off below.