Ever been on a blind date? Well, in this new episode of “The Stereotypical Gay” someone’s going to have one that he soon won’t forget (and neither will the waiter)! YouTube entertainer, Josh Rimer recently started a series called “The Stereotypical Gay,” where he has taken gay stereotypes and wrapped them up into one over-the-top character that never simply “blends in”.

Rimer asked yours truly to be in this most recent episode. Truth be told, he asked me to play the guy the Stereotypical Gay is on the blind date with, while Tyrell was supposed to play the waiter. Turned out that Tyrell couldn’t make it and I wasn’t going to be available for the whole shoot – so I played the smaller part of the waiter instead. Table for two. Blind date. Stereotypical Gay. What could possible go wrong?

Before you say “OMG, this series is just feeding the gay stereotype,” I give him props for being up front and calling it exactly that. Aside from the “stereotype” humor, for me, a lot of the laughs come from the shocking stuff that comes out of his mouth (and into his mouth, for that matter). My reaction to some of the things he says is similar to the reaction I have when I listen to what (or who) Adam did last night. Check out the video below!

Thanks for including me in the shoot, Josh! Had a lot of fun!