The first full trailer for The Smurfs 2 has just come out and it looks good! Truth be told, I never watched the first one because I thought it looked stupid and all of those “Smurfy” references annoyed me. I was the biggest Smurfs fan as a kid and even had all the figurines, but the movie just looked to cheesey for me (which is odd considering how cheesie I am – LOL). That being said, this trailer for the sequel definitely makes me want watch it because it looks like there’s much more of a story to it (of course I could be wrong about the first one though).

In this sequel, the evil wizard Gargamel creates his own brand of pint-size creatures called The Naughties to help him capture the Smurfs once and for all. The Naughties devise a plan to trick Smurfette into becoming naughty like them, and she’ll have so much fun, she’ll never want to go back.

The movie comes out on July 31, 2013 and yes, Neil Patrick Harris is in this trailer as well. Enjoy!

‘The Smurfs 2’ Movie Trailer