And The Winner Of The Sing-Off Season 2 Is…

Tonight, it all comes down to your votes America. Last week, the judges were faced with an impossible decision: Who to send to the final of The Sing-Off. Between Committed, The Backbeats, Street Corner Symphony and Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town, the judges couldn’t decided and in the end, sent all four groups to the finale. You voted and tonight, we will crown the champion of this season.

When I saw that the show was going to be two hours tonight, I knew that we were going to have a lot of filler and boy, I was right. During the opening credits, we learned that there would be a few guest appearances from Sara Bareilles, Sheryl Crowe and Neil Diamond. We begin the night with a group performance from the final four groups. It honestly was my least favorite of the entire season. I was really hoping that with it being so close to the holidays that they would sing an epic Christmas tune but alas, they sang a generic song that didn’t sound all too together.

Now that the competition is complete, we were treated to a lot of performances for the sake of hearing our final four groups perform.


We begin with Committed. The church boys have wowed the judges with their harmonies and from the beginning, Shawn has loved this group. So, its only fitting that they sing a song with Boyz II Men. They two groups hit the stage to sing Motownphilly. It sounds so amazing and the mix of the two groups is pure perfection.


The Backbeats are next to the take the stage. This group formed only a few weeks before the show began and the vocals they have produced have been incredible. Sara Bareilles used to sing in an a cappella group so she joins the group to sing her hit King of Anything. Sounds a bit out of tune and not my favorite. Good thing the competition is over.


The next group to perform is Street Corner Symphony. This group from Nashville have such good laid-back feel and Jeremy’s smooth vocals have always impressed. Ben Folds joins the men on stage to sing a rendition of his own song, Gone. I don’t think that Ben had the strongest vocals but I loved the hokey feel of the performance.


The final collaboration performance involves Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town with judge, Nicole Scherzinger. Together, they sing a version of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. What?! Jerry didn’t want to sing one of your songs Nicole? I would have loved to have heard some Whatever You Like, Poison or maybe even When I Grow Up.

Sheryl Crow hits the stage next and is backed up by two of the final four groups. I actually didn’t mind this performance but Sheryl always performs well. What did you think? Before his performance, the groups, judges and even Nick take turns giving us a little sample of their favorite Neil Diamond tune. He takes the stage to sing one of his favorites songs, Ain’t No Sunshine. I loved it. You?


Song: Firework by Katy Perry
For their final performance on the stage, the group takes on an arrangement of Katy Perry’s latest hit, Firework. I love this song and this rendition sounded exactly like how I expected the group to perform it. It wasn’t my favorite performance of theirs from the entire season but I didn’t hate it either.


Song: Hold My Hand by: Michael Jackson ft. Akon
For their final performance on the stage, the group takes a crack at one of Michael Jackson’s new songs from his new album Hold My Hand. With this song, this group shows why they are still here. Their harmonies are so clean and their passion for what they do is undeniable. What I like most is that they’ve consistently stayed true to who they are.


Song: Love Train by: The O’Jays
For their final performance, the group sings a classic tune, Love Train. I think this is a perfect song for this group to end their run on the show with. These guys have tackled every song challenge and have showed all the younger groups on the show what being a true artist is all about. Jerry Lawson is a legacy and he proved it on this show for sure.


Song: Fix You by: Coldplay
For their final performance, the group grabs a tear jerker and sings Fix You by Coldplay. This was an interesting choice for the group as they have never really picked a serious song to sing throughout the season. My favorite moment was when the other groups came out to join them during the huge bridge. The sound was incredible and great choice for the group.

I honestly don’t want to talk about this performance which was clearly only put in to allow Nick to sing. With only 5 girls left in the competition, they were dressed up in Santa-like outfits and Kourtney joined Nick and the other leads from the other groups to rock out to a Christmas track. It was playful and fun but definitely not the highlight of the night.

After the break we have our first results and two groups will be eliminated. After addressing all the groups and their strengths from the season, we will learn who America voted for the least. The first group eliminated tonight is Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town. I am honestly shocked. I thought for sure America would send some votes their way. They leave the stage singing their swan song, Hit The Road Jack by Ray Charles. Absolutely fitting for this group. The second group to be eliminated is The Backbeats. Say what?! Another shocker for me. I thought this group was going to win for sure. Shawn Stockman looked just as shocked as I was. The group leaves the stage singing their swan song Goodbye to You by The Veronicas.

We are down to the final two groups. Street Corner Symphony and Committed. Both groups are very different in style but have both come a long way in the competition and have incredible stories. But it comes down to how America has chosen as this year’s winner.

In the end, Street Corner Symphony are eliminated and church boys Committed win the title of Sing-Off Season 2 Champions.

As Street Corner Symphony leaves the stage, they perform their swan song Drift Away by The Doobie Brothers. As Committed receives their trophy, Nick Lachey congratulates them and with that, they sing their final song on the stage, We Are The Champions by Queen. What did you think of this year’s finale? Did the right group win? I want to hear your thoughts.

If you watched in the US, you would have seen advertisements for auditions for NBC’s newest development singing show, The Voice. Anyone out there going to audition or know more about the show? Keep us posted! Thanks for reading!