The Sing-Off


Well, if you’re already going through Glee withdrawals, you’re in luck with some more musical medicine heading your way. Tonight, a new show called “The Sing-Off” debuts, hosted by Jessica Simpson’s 98 Degrees ex, Nick Lachey. Dubbed “The Ultimate A Capella Competition” The premise of the competition is eight a cappella groups “sing-off,” battling it out for the grand prize of $100,000. Unfortunately for the larger size groups, this means a much lower payout in comparison to some of the smaller groups. If they all agree to split evenly, the biggest payout is $25,000 per person, and the lowest is $8,333.

“The Sing-Off” will take place over four-nights premiering tonight (8-10 p.m. ET) and continue on December 15 and 16, finishing off with a live finale on December 21 (8-10 p.m. ET each night).

Are you going to watch?

Here’s the song list for tonight’s 2-hour premiere, according to EW:

Opening all-group number: “Under Pressure,” Queen/David Bowie

“Unwritten,” Natasha Bedingfield
“I’m Yours,” Jason Mraz
“Watcha Say,” Jason Derulo
“Magical Mystery Tour,” The Beatles
“Dancin’ Queen,” Abba
“Somebody to Love,” Queen
“Livin’ On A Prayer,” Bon Jovi
“Think,” Aretha Franklin

Now, meet the competing teams…



Beelzebubs, from Medford, Massachusetts. Originally formed in 1962 by a group of Tufts men in the basement of West Hall, they named themselves “Jumbo’s Disciples: The Beelzebubs,” a reference from John Milton’s epic poem, “Paradise Lost.” Throughout the next few decades and into the new millennium, the Bubs have continued to develop their style while also performing some music from the group’s past. To date, the Bubs have recorded 25 studio and three live albums and have won several awards for performing and recording. They also boast an active alumni association whose foundation raises funds for music in Boston’s public schools. Not only is this group rich in history, they have grown into a “hip,” good-looking group of men whose new motto is “fun through song.” This all-male group of 12 is ready to enter The Sing-Off stage!
Individual Payout If Group Wins: $8,333

Maxx Factor


Maxx Factor, from Baltimore, Maryland. These super moms effortlessly balance family life with their love of music. According to this all-female quartet, they “do a style that very few women groups do — we go out there and prove that a women quartet can kick butt.” The women’s group has performed regionally and internationally and recently became the 2009 National Harmony Sweepstakes Champions. This fabulous quartet has also won the 2009 Mid Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes and they are the 2010 Sweet Adelines International Third Place Medalists. These ladies are ready to show the world their incredible talents!
Individual Payout If Group Wins: $25,000



Solo, from Omaha, Nebraska. This group consists of three female members and four male members, making up a group that came together in an attempt to revive the dying music scene in their town. Two women in this group are struggling single mothers, one of whom is homeless with a two-year-old child. This group is full of heart and knows that The Sing-Off is their chance to change their lives forever.
Individual Payout If Group Wins: $14,286

Voices of Lee


Voices of Lee, from Cleveland, Tennessee and Lee University. This very religious co-ed group of 10 is characterized by their unique variety of vocal harmonies, high-energy patriotic numbers, fun-filled audience participation, and heart-felt gospel favorites. The group debuted in September 1994 and has appeared on Good Morning America, Bill Gaither’s Familyfest, and Praise Gathering, and has sung in the Christ Church of Nashville. They have traveled from Ontario to Israel and now are ready to grace the stage of The Sing-Off.
Individual Payout If Group Wins: $10,000

The Socals


The SoCals, from Los Angeles, California. This group is composed of both alumni and current members of The SoCal VoCals, the premiere a cappella group at USC. The SoCals have been redefining a cappella in a way that can only be done in Southern California. This co-ed group of eight pride themselves on singing music from any genre, by any artist. From jazz to rock, The SoCals are ready to rock The Sing-Off stage.
Individual Payout If Group Wins: $12,500

BYU Noteworthy


BYU Noteworthy, from Provo, Utah. This all-female group of nine is based out of Provo, Utah and seek to uplift all those that hear and see them sing. They have produced highly acclaimed recordings and have toured throughout the United States. In addition to their accomplishments, they have won the 2007 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, and it’s no surprise that this nine-voice ensemble has quickly become one of the most popular a cappella groups in the country.
Individual Payout If Group Wins: $11,111



Nota, from San Juan, Puerto Rico. This all-male sextet met in college and have been sharing their passion for music ever since. Although they grew up in Puerto Rico with Spanish as their first language, the guys have been exposed to many American groups and have been inspired by some, such as Boys II Men. They bring imagination, passion, and integrity to their artistry and focus on passionate Latin musical roots while adding different styles like R&B, pop, and fusion jazz.
Individual Payout If Group Wins: $16,667



Face, from Boulder, Colorado. Another all-male sextet, who describe themselves as “a group of regular guys who, despite pursing careers and family, found in each other a unique passion for singing that comes across onstage.” The group has won numerous competitions including Audience Favorite six times in a row at the National Harmony Sweepstakes, Best Band in Boulder from Boulder Weekly, and CASA Community National Runner-Up. Not only are they dedicated to their music, they are also dedicated to each other. After a member’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and could not have children, another member’s wife agreed to carry the child for them. These mountain men are ready to add stardom to their list of accomplishments.
Individual Payout If Group Wins: $16,667