I recently had the pleasure of checking out the newest exhibit at Telus World of Science titled The Science of Sexuality. I went because I wanted to know how homo-friendly the exhibit was or if it was a going to be a hetero-hypocrisy. I’m pleased to say that I did see and read quite a bit about the gay and lesbian communities. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything on our transgender friends. My Science World rep Jo-Ann said because of this Science World worked with a board of advisers to find a way to make the exhibit more inclusive and added these fun speech bubbles everywhere.

The website link leads to a multitude of other sexuality based websites where more information could be found if you were to seek it. I was happy to see Science World take such a proactive stance on incivility knowing well enough that Vancouver has a very large LGBTQ supporting community.

Created by the Montreal Science Centre the exhibit has 5 zones. I was interested to find out that during adolescents it’s completely normal to be attracted to and experiment with both sexes. Experimenting with both sexes is a way to discover all there is about sexuality and personal pleasure sensors. They stated that this activity doesn’t make anyone homosexual, simply curious about sexuality and pleasure, and it’s totally normal. What’s also totally normal is masturbation, it too helps us figure out what feels good and later what we will use as techniques with our partners. It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one playing “doctor” when I was growing up.

In its write up about homosexuality the exhibit reveals that there is no real age distinction for its development. Everyone is different and develops at different rates. I know for myself I knew that I was gay from as far back as I can remember. I knew I liked boys over girls and since I had much older siblings, 5 and 10 years older, I also knew what being gay was because my sister had gay friends.

The most fun fact I found out about was that in Bororo women fight over the most effeminate man. This is a completely different standpoint from the majority of North America. It just goes to show that beauty is cultural and where we grow up does, in many ways, effect the choices we make in life.

Overall I was really pleased with the Science of Sexuality exhibit and highly suggest you go if you live in the Vancouver area. It’s recommended for ages 12 and up, plus a day at Science World is a great way to spend an afternoon. I personally would love it if a guy took me on a first date there – #TalkNerdyToMe.

Science World Info:

  • Hours:
    • Monday–Friday: 10am–5pm
    • Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 10am–6pm
  • Admission:
    • General: $25
    • Student (with ID): $21

*please make note, there is no photography in the exhibition dude to nudity. I had made a special request and was allowed to take a few photos making sure there was no nudity in them.