I cannot believe I hadn’t seen these videos until this week! A videos series called The Scary Snowman has three seasons of videos where a men hiding within a life-size snowman scares the bejeezus out of random pedestrians. The YouTube account has over 51 million video views since it all started.

People walk by or walk up to the snowman, thinking it’s just a big decorative fixture but they’re caught off guard when he moves or turns towards them. The reactions are absolutely priceless. Some people scream, some jump, some fall, and others run for dear life.

I’ve embedded a video below that is set to play videos from this channel starting with the most recent Season 3 video. All of the Season 3 videos were uploaded within the last two months. Get ready to laugh for pants off!

Funny : Scary Snowman Prank – Season 3 + More Playlist