The Saturday’s Release “Turn Myself In” As “30 Days” B-Side

Donovan introduced Patrick and I to The Saturdays about a year ago and I have to be honest, I never really caught on to their awesomeness until I gave their album On Your Radar a full listen. Immediately, I was hooked! These five ladies know how to bring the fierceness to their music and I am just waiting for the day they really break out in North America. With boy bands making such a big comeback in the US, it’s only a matter of time before girl groups to do the same.

The ladies recently released the video for their newest single, “30 Days” and at a first listen, I wasn’t a fan. I thought the beat and track itself was great but, the lyrics were primary at best and didn’t impress me. Thankfully, the ladies have produced a B-Side for the single’s official release and I gotta say, it’s much better than the actual single.

In “Turn Myself In,” the ladies sing out, “turn myself in tonight, this is me coming clean with my hands up.” This song is WAY BETTER than the actual single, “30 Days” and I am so disappointed that it’s only receiving B-Side status. This should definitely be single of their next album. The girls actually were performing this track back on their Headlines Tour. Maybe with enough of a nudge, their label will get the hint and at least give it a try. Give a listen to their new-ish track below.

The Saturdays, “Turn Myself In”

What do you think of the girls’ new track? Sound off below.

  • I love The Saturdays!!!
    But I prefer ‘All fired Up’ song