If Desperate Housewives was still kicking around, this could be mistaken as a promo for the ABC show. The Saturdays could easily move into Wisteria Lane without skipping a beat. Even doing homely duties like garden chores and laundry, the British girl group are as glamorous as ever.

Once again, one of the ladies had to hid their baby bump for the video shoot. For “30 Days,” Una Healy was with child, this time it was Rochelle Humes‘ turn. Since filming, Rochelle has given birth to her baby girl Alaia-Mai.

Fans have been divided with “Gentleman.” It’s a different sound not previously done by the group. Personally, it’s grown on me, especially the celebrity name dropping rapping portion. Truth be told, the girls could drop anything and I’d love it. That’s how much I adore these ladies. Check out their latest clip below.

The Saturdays ‘Gentleman’ Music Video

What do you think of the music video and the girls’ new single? Did the poker scene remind you a bit of TLC’s “Red Light Special?” Sound off below.