The Saturdays Get “All Fired Up” In New Music Video

My favorite UK girl group of the moment just released their new music video. While The Saturdays haven’t made much of a dent in North America, they’re everywhere in Europe. I thought they were only big in their native UK, but yesterday while Brian and I were shopping in Rome, we heard their last track “Notorious” playing at a couple of stores. So imagine my surprise, when I get back to our hotel and read the gorgeous ladies dropped their latest visual. Oh happy day (or should I say night).

To promote “All Fired Up” officially hitting stores on September 4th, Una, Mollie, Frankie, Vanessa and Rochelle released their newest clip. It’s by far their biggest production to date. The label certainly spared no expense for the big budget video. It’s glamorous and glam… just how I like my ladies. It features dancing ninjas in splashy dance numbers and the ladies in stunning vignettes. If I were to critic the ladies, I would suggest they amp up their own choreography. Sure they have backup dancers, but it’d be hotter if the quintet participated in the intricate moves as well. Check out the video below.

The Saturdays “All Fired Up” Music Video