First Look: Johnny Depp In “The Rum Diary”

Who’s ready for a rum-soaked vacay to Puerto Rico? That’s exactly what we’re store for when we call head to the theater to check out Johnny Depp in the novel turned film, The Rum Diary. Depp plays Paul Kemp, a freelance journalist who hits a critical turning point in his career when he finds himself writing for a rundown newspaper in the Caribbean. However, Kemp finds hope when he meets the beautiful Chenault from Connecticut played by Amber Heard. The film also stars the talented Aaron Eckhart.

In the trailer, we see Johnny in some of his finest comedic hours. Is it just me or since Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp has found the exceptional skill of playing a very convincing drunk. Food for thought. The film is brought to us by the brilliant Bruce Robinson who adapted the screenplay from the novel. My favorite moment is when Depp and Michael Rispoli are driving in a car together without a front seat. You’ll laugh out loud at the result. Check out The Rum Diary trailer below.


It looks hilarious right? The Rum Diary hits theaters October 28th.

  • Burgers

    No mention of the brilliant Hunter S. Thompson?! For shame, you have to acknowledge that man’s genius.