Mother’s Vagina Is A Deal Breaker In Season 2 Trailer For The Royals


The storylines on the borderline campy series are ridiculous, but insane dialogue like “Mother’s vagina? Deal breaker!” along with the one-two punch of hunky blond studs William Moseley (above) and Tom Austen make The Royals watchable. Austen who plays royal bodyguard SLASH sex toy is my favorite and hopefully there’s plenty more of the 27-year-old actor in Season 2.

Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor plot to take down their uncle, King Cyrus, in Season 2. But they’re not the only ones after him. In the clip, we see Joan Collins, who returns for another guest stint, smash a vase over his head. The E! guilty pleasure returns on November 15. Check out the latest trailer below.

The Royals Season 2 Preview #2

The Royals Season 2 Preview #1