The Real Housewives Franchise Is Coming To… VANCOUVER!

Yes, you read that right. “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” will be the latest series in the extremely popular reality show franchise. Shaw Media has announced that the show will air on Canada’s female-oriented reality network, Slice. This will be the first in the franchise to be filmed in Canada. Yes, Vancouver! In April, The Real Housewives of D.C. was canceled as the first in the franchise to not make it to it’s second season. Let’s hope VanCity has what it takes to make executive producer Andy Cohen happy!

Judging by the size of the houses and bank accounts, my guess is that Lark Productions will be filming the seriesin West Vancouver or Shaughnessy with lunch dates and outings downtown.

I can’t wait to find out who the women are that will make up this cast! Have any ideas who they might be? Leave your guesses in the comments!

Another U.S. reality show that is coming to Canada on Slice will be Intervention (which is currently on A&E). This show deals with people’s addictions, where eventually, family and friends arrange for an intervention to take place for these people to get the help they need. There are a lot of people in Vancouver who could use an intervention!

  • Shut up. Awesome. I nominate Joy MacPhail. She’s got the gorgeous house in Kits, married to a hollywood producer, owns a gay tv channel, was a politician, has a bit of a potty mouth too!

  • ron

    Heather White from The Cupcakes Girls!

  • Brian

    Jacqui Cohen.

  • I SO don’t know about this one. I just don’t think Vancouver is dramatic enough for real. Canadians are too nice.

  • BUT i agree with Rich. Joy has that certain crazy look about her too that would work.

  • CT

    Good luck to the Vancouver ladies, but I doubt they’ll be able to top the over-the-top’ness of Beverly Hills or the WTF’ness of New Jersey. But from the article, it doesn’t sound like this will air in the States or on Bravo. I wonder if anymore international versions will be coming out? I heard there is one in Greece. Anyways, bring on The A-List: Toronto.

  • Colton

    Good Luck to The Housewives! Im sure it will be much better then the others! 🙂

  • Marry the Night

    Why is this relevant? Are we as a society THAT stupid and easily led around by the nose? BTW those cupcakes girls can’t bake for s***, that is why they can’t expand beyond Vancouver. No one else outside of the downtown core knows the taste of a REAL dessert.

  • Anon

    I heard wannabe singer Mary Zilba is on the list, as well as trash talking Ronnie Negus. There may not be cat fights, but I think Vancouver will take the cake for the most “plastic” housewives.

  • Cool Cat

    Yeah just to let this clueless “douchebag” up there “Anon” who keeps trolling just thought I’d let you know Mary has had 7 top 40 hits and took time off to raise her children. Mary aswell is also a buisness woman and is highly educated. Ronnie is a very kind hearted person and gives to charity and is raising four children. Your a trash talker for even saying those things on here know your facts. Vancouver Housewives ftw!

  • Anon

    Hi Cool Cat, I thought I would help you out with some basic grammar. Please edit and reword that first sentence, I’m clueless as to what you are trying to say. “Mary aswell is also” doesn’t make sense, and “aswell” is actually “as well.” Also, when trying to bash me, for future reference, it should be “you’re a trash talker” not “your a trash talker.”

    I guess you weren’t fortunate enough to grow up in West Van.

  • Stewwy

    hmmm… i hear Christie King wanted to be a part of the show but was turned down due to quiffy finances. true? false?

  • wiliam dickson

    jackie cohen will be a good contestant,maybe fanny kiefer and maybe a drag queen just for laughs good luck with the show….

  • Michelle W

    After watching two episodes of RHOV, I am disgusted that these so called “women” are representing Canada.These “women” are crass and bullies!!!!! Thankfully the majority of Canadians are respectfull,caring and nothing like these women!!!!!!!!!