‘The Real Housewives Of Vancouver’ Season 2: Meet Amanda, Ioulia & Robin

Earlier this week, the cast for Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Vancouver was officially released, with three ladies from Season 1 returning (Mary, Jody, and Ronnie) and three NEW housewives joining the pack (Amanda, Ioulia, and Robin).

As they did with the first season, Slice has starting releasing videos so we can get to know the housewives. Today, they released a video where the three new housewives talk about themselves so we can get a better idea of how they’ll fit in. The general consensus between the three ladies is that they are all hot-tempered and seem like they’ll have no problems flexing their muscles in confrontational situations.

About their primary sources of income, Ioulia Reynolds says she blessed to have , while Amanda Hansen says “alimony” and Robin Reynolds says “divorce“. These women all seem so feisty – I wonder who Mary Zilba’s ally will be? I’m gonna bet on Robin or Ioulia at this point, it’s hard to tell. I’ve included another video below where Mary, Jody and Ronnie dish on the new wives as well. Watch the videos below to get to know the new ladies of luxury and maybe even litigation if their anything like Jody Claman or have anything to say about her Hermes bags.

The New Real Housewives of Vancouver: On Themselves

Mary, Jody & Ronnie Dish On The New Wives

  • ugh im SO excited for this.

  • geegee

    i have been to vancouver, there were a LOT of asians. Like every other people is of asian background. So why are these housewives all white?