Last night, The Real Housewives of Vancouver premiered and Homorazzi was out to celebrate with the ladies of luxury. Donovan, Nic, our friend Robbie and myself had such a blast getting to know the ladies and experience the unforgettable night with them.

The Slice reality show stars Mary Zilba, Christina Kiesel, Reiko Mackenzie, Jody Claman, and Ronnie Seterdahl Negus. In the first episode, we get an idea of their dynamic and who might not like who as the girls venture to Whistler for a girl’s weekend. Of course you can’t just have a care-free girl’s weekend and not expect anything to happen. Definitely stay tuned for the episodes to come as the drama keeps getting more intense.

Check out all of our pictures from the premiere party below. I was using my phone for the pictures so I apologize in advance that the pics aren’t as polished as usual. Also, be sure to tune into RHOV each week. These ladies are real, the drama is real… Let the games begin!

Here I am with Reiko, who of course had pulled up in one of her sexy, fancy cars.

Donovan and Nic with Reiko.

With Jody, one of the type A personalities on the show. She was a lot of fun to talk to.

The boys with Christina, who was also so much fun.

She was late to the party and she told me why but I’ll just keep that one to myself 😉

With Ronnie in the Social Media room where many were tweeting about the experience.

Robbie, Mary, and Donovan chatting about the upcoming NOH8 Campaign coming to Vancouver.

Me with Jody’s daughter, Mia.

With the party planner, as seen in the episode.

Mary with Mashiah Vaughn from Deussault Inc.

Here I am with Isla Traquair, host of ‘Buy.o.logic‘, which also premiered this week on OWN.