YOWZA. Could it be the end of Countess Luann’s etiquette tips, Kelly Bensimon’s whackiness, Alex McCord’s modeling career or worse… no more Turtle Time by Ramona? According the reports, Bravo is seriously considering completely rehauling the entire cast of New York. Granted Season 4 is off to a less than riveting start, but the NYC Housewives are some of the most popular in the franchise.

So why is Bravo considering revamping one if it’s flagship shows? You can blame Housewives on the west coast for that. Due to the enormous success of the Beverly Hills Housewives, the network wants the same glamor and frankly, the same amount of money those women flaunted on TV. According to a source who spilled to The New York Post.

“They want an entirely new cast to replicate Beverly Hills,” a source told the Post. “They want rich, rich women, like Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer, dripping in glamour and $10 million penthouses. And they don’t want to fake it. They are discreetly reaching out to women who fit the bill.”

Honestly, if they fill up the cast with five Lisa Vanderpumps then I’m sold. Sometimes being rich doesn’t always translate to riveting television though. Just look at Miami. A few of those ladies are loaded but lacked that special oomph that made Miami addicting. While I’m not opposed to Bravo cleaning house, I think they should keep a couple of the original Housewives to keep longtime fans happy. I wouldn’t miss Jill or Kelly.

Bravo has always made casting changes on the various incarnations of the Real Housewives franchise, but never done the entire show. For the most part, casting producers do a great job with their shows. When Danielle Staub left New Jersey, I was worried the Garden State ladies wouldn’t be able to hold my attention. Then Bravo does a genius move and hires two of Teresa’s relatives and then… bada bing bada boom.

How amazing was last night? That fight that broke out at the Christening party was EPIC. I still have Joe Gorga’s screaming/crying plea “You’re my father” ringing in my ear. Is it wrong that I’m sorta on Team Melissa and Kathy? Speaking of New Jersey, former cast member Danielle Staub was seen stripping at Scores recently. Classy. That’s all I have to say. Good riddance.

So what do you think of Bravo’s potential casting move? Would you miss Ramona, Jill, Sonja, Alex, Kelly, Luann and Cindy? Maybe they can bring back Bethenny Frankel. Since she sold her Skinny Girl brand for a reported $120 million, she definitely qualifies for being filthy rich. My what a couple of years will do. Anyone interested in buying Homorazzi.com? LOL.