The Real Housewives Of Disney: The Deleted Scenes & Bloopers

This just absolutely made my day! As you probably saw already, when Lindsay Lohan hosted SNL last weekend, they did a hilarious Real Housewives parody called: The Real Housewives Of Disney. It was by far the best part of the episode and could quite possibly be one of the funniest sketches of the season.

Now, NBC and SNL have released the deleted scenes and bloopers from the filming of the sketch. Brilliant! See Lohan crack up when Kristen Wiig yanks on her Rapunzel-weave and the many versions of Prince Charming’s signature laugh. OMG, and when Wiig as Cinderella says, “Oh wait, did we forget to invite Mulan?”, the whole table bursts out in laughter while Cinderella admits that they didn’t invite her on purpose. LOL.

SO many funny moments. The look on Belle’s face when Prince Charming and Doc walk out of the bathroom…together. Scandalous! Seriously, you will love this. Enjoy the video below.

  • This needs to be a regular feature.

  • daws

    Omg, they need to make more of these. Hilarious!