Real Housewives Catfight: Countess Luann vs Cat Ommanney

In honor of the Royal Wedding, Andy Cohen had Real Housewife of New York Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Real Housewife of DC Cat Ommanney as guests on a special episode of “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo. To say things got a little catty would be an understatement. Whether Cat was using this as an opportunity to get cast in another Housewives series now that RHODC was canceled, or simply she had a little too much sauce, I’m not sure. Whatever the reason, I liked what I saw. Ommanney was the best thing from the DC spinoff and would love to see her mixing it up with other housewives on another series. Make it happen, Andy Cohen.

Things started out innocently enough with Cohen asking Ommanney how her makeout session was with Prince Harry. Then all of a sudden the switch flipped when Luann commented on Cat’s royal manners. Ommanney then called the Countess one of the worst sh*t disturbers on the RHONY cast. Feeling blindsided, Luann just nervously laughed. Unrelentless, Cat continued to say Luann was a flip-flopper and took people’s sides only when it was convenient.

“You are one of the most back-stabbing two-faced people I’ve seen on TV” Cat then added “You are incredibly two-faced.”

During the segment, Luann just grinned and bear it and never truly engaged with the catfight. All she did was laugh and played with her ridiculous hat. Even Andy Cohen, who loves drama, looked uncomfortable with the turn of events. He tweeted later, that it felt more like a reunion gone haywire than a relaxing night in the WWH Clubhouse. Afterward, Cat took to their her social media accounts and attacked Luann some more:

“Sorry everyone, I just wanted to clarify,” she writes. “I REALLY DIDN’T ENJOY at all, being on #WWHL with @countessluann infact thought she was #notmybagatall #condescending and hope we never cross paths again #ever.”

In true Countess fashion, Luann tweeted the ambiguous and drama-free “Well that was fun….,” Boo. I’m surprised she didn’t take the opportunity to use her signature line and comment that “money can’t buy you class” about Ommanney.

After watching this, I realized that Bravo should really have a Real Housewives All-Stars edition. Seriously… It would be epic. How great would it be to see Nene (Atlanta), Bethenny (NY), Gretchen (OC), Cat (DC), Adriana (Miami), Lisa (Beverly Hills) all going at it. Speaking of Lisa Vanderpump. Why she wasn’t part of the Royal Wedding edition of WWHL is beyond me. Her dog Giggy was there, but not the wonderful Lisa. Andy, you dropped the ball here. Watching the Countess, Lisa and Cat going at it would’ve been must-see television.

The video is only viewable from the United States. Sorry to everyone else.

So which team are you on? Team Luann or Team Cat. Personally, I’m on Cat’s side. I’ve never really been a fan of de Lesseps.

  • Shelley

    Luann sux, Cat told her off & happy!

  • pliedes

    Luann may be pretentious, but Cats just a bitch. She’s only famous for her supposed make-out sessions with prince Harry.