Lifetime To Air ‘The Real Exorcist’ On Halloween: Exorcising Gay Demons?

A man named Reverend Bob Larson whom you may recognize from many guest appearances on television is getting his own special on Lifetime called The Real Exorcist that will air tomorrow on Halloween.

There are countless videos of him exorcising demons on YouTube and I’ve included them below. I normally find these types of things interesting and enjoy creepy films like The Exorcism of Emily Rose, but one of his exorcisms found online shows Larson exercising a gay demon from a man and I’m sorry but that’s just ridiculous. I’ve included a video of this below, as well as one where he is allegedly exorcising the demon Jezebel out of a woman. These videos aren’t necessarily on the special that will be on Lifetime, but I did include an actual preview of the show as well.

The Real Exorcist will premiere on Lifetime on October 31 at 11 pm. Check out the sneak peek of Reverend Bob Larson at work below.

Man Possessed by Gay Demon (Original)

Heather Mocks Exorcist Bob Larson, But Not For Long! (Jezebel Spirit)

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