‘The Rainbow Bridge Motel’ Is A Charming Gay Rom-Com About A Dream Wedding Gone Wrong

When it comes to serious gay dramas, there’s plenty to choose from. If you prefer something more light-hearted, consider checking out this charming gay rom-com.

The Rainbow Bridge Motel tracks the budding nuptials of Dean (Chris Modrzynski) & Darren (Cole Burden), an Arizona couple, heading off to their dream wedding in Niagara Falls at the Rainbow Bridge Motel, the self-proclaimed, “#1 Gay Wedding Destination.” The grooms are shocked to discover they have booked themselves in a run-down, motor lodge sandwiched between two chemical plants run by some crazy guy named Shibbawitz (Scott Rubin) and a Burmese refugee family that helps him.

“And that’s just the beginning!” said Scott Rubin writer, co-director & the actor who plays Shibbawitz. “There’s still the huge challenges of this same-sex wedding — uncertain wedding protocols, disapproving relatives, religious barriers, secret lives resurfacing – combined with the catastrophic venue, you have a horror movie – we chose a comedy!”

The Rainbow Bridge Motel made its world premiere at the Buffalo International Film Festival where it won the 2018 Best WNY Feature Film Award. The comedy also stars Tony Award-Winning Best Actor Wilson Heredia (Rent), Diane Gaidry (Loving Annabelle), Ruthie Alcaide (MTV’s Real World) and Mel Gorham (Carlito’s Way).

The film will hold screenings in Los Angeles this Saturday, November 10 at The Downtown Independent Theatre. It arrives on Digital HD and DVD on November 20. Check out the trailer below.

The Rainbow Bridge Motel Trailer