Movie Review: The Proposal


Topher’s Review

While in Toronto, needing an easy night, Donovan and I went out to catch a movie. We wanted to see either “The Hangover” or “The Proposal”. Well, Donovan wanted to see “The Proposal”, I just wanted to see a topless Ryan Reynolds. We trekked down to Dundas Square to the AMC theatre to see if either were playing. Unfortunately, NEITHER of them were playing there. They did have “Drag Me To Hell”, Sam Raimi’s new horror flick, which I would have settled for, but Donovan doesn’t like scary movies.

Figuring that there must be another movie theater around playing one of the movies we wanted to see, we asked around and found a theater near Much Music that had both playing. We tried getting tickets for “The Hangover”, but the only showing available had been canceled due to technical difficulties. So Donovan got his wish and we saw “The Proposal”.

Now, I’m more of a cynic, and don’t really enjoy Rom-Coms that much. I knew going into it that it was probably going to be cheesy, and that throughout the film, I would be rolling my eyes more than once. That being said, it had its good points. When Ryan Reynolds is allowed to play his character to the sarcastic, passive aggressive funny man he does so well, it’s actually quite enjoyable. When he’s drudging through the romantic bits, it gets a bit lame. It was almost worth the price of admission to see him strip down in one scene. Reynolds has the best body in show business – woof!

Sandra Bullock plays her stereotypical strong, but clumsy & goofy female role as well as can be expected. She’s a charming actress, but the script and writing just didn’t give her that much to work with. It’s sort of all over the place. It’s like the writer(s) had a backlog of slapstick gags and jokes squirreled away for years that they felt they needed to barf all out at once. Watch the ridiculous scene with the otherwise amazing Betty White out in the forest and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The supporting cast is actually quite impressive. The already mentioned Betty White plays a somewhat unbelievable eccentric grandmother, and Craig T. Nelson (T.V.s Coach) plays Reynolds over-baring father. Also, a cute little snow-white samoyed puppy steals more than one scene.

My final opinion: It’s a renter. There’s nothing in “The Proposal” that requires it to be seen on the big screen (unlike Star Trek). You’re not missing out on anything if you wait a few months for it to come out on video. It’s a light easy movie that provided me some good laughs.

Donovan’s Review
Topher pretty much said everything I wanted to say about the movie and then some, so I won’t regurgitate it all over again. But I will clear some things up. Topher can claim all he wants that he went to this movie kicking and screaming to which I will strongly argue against. We could’ve watched Angels & Demons but Princess Topher quickly nixed that option. Ok, so back to my thoughts about the movie… I love romantic comedies and though not Sandra Bullock’s best, it ranks quite high on my list of Sandy’s chick flicks. Both Reynolds and her had great chemistry and suited each other well comedically, but I wasn’t completely convinced it translated well on a romantic level. Sure, I wanted Sandra to avoid deportation to Canada- God forbid – but, I never really found myself hoping for them to “fall in love”. I felt even the writers were up in the air about their romantic connection. Without giving too much away, the happily-ever-after hookup could’ve gone either way between Ryan Reynolds with Bullock or Reynolds with Malin Akerman (The Watchmen) who played his high school girlfriend. Having said this, I still recommend watching the movie for some light entertainment. Unless you’re a hardcore chick-flick-romantic-comedy-type-gay, I’d wait ’til this movie hits your local Blockbuster or iTunes.

For me, one of the best parts about going to the theatre is watching the previews of upcoming movies. This experience was no different this time as I was thoroughly entertained by the four movies they previewed. My favorite by far was another Sandra Bullock movie called, “All About Steve”. Bullock plays an eccentric nerd who falls in love with a CNN cameraman and follows him around the country, hoping to convince him that they are meant to be. The films also stars uber funnyman Thomas Haden Church (Sideways & Spiderman 3) and current IT hottie, Bradley Cooper (The Hangover & He’s Just Not That Into You). Though the trailer looks hilarious, I’m not sure about it’s potential as it was supposed to be released for March 2009 then pushed back to September. Sounds like a clunker. Anyway, check out the trailer below and let me know what you think:

  • Ryan

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the Proposal… and I like both Sandra and Ryan… but this new one looks super funny… Hopefully all the funny moments aren’t all in the trailer.

  • anonymous

    A disappointing movie (The Proposal).