Watch This Very Touching Video By LGBT Youth + Their Families & Allies

This video just made my day. It’s always so inspiring and touching to see the families and friends of LGBT youth standing by the people they love. My favorite part of any pride parade is actually when I see things like a mom holding up a sign that says, “I love my gay son.” I don’t know why, but one glance at a sign like that and I’m totally moved.

The following video is filled with such examples. LGBTQ youth, allies and their families from Modesto, California want to break some stereotypes and in the video, they share what The P.L.A.C.E. (People Learning Acceptance Creating Equality) means to them. Some of my favorite messages/signs in the video include, “I am living a life, not a lifestyle,” “Animals can be more loving than people…That is why I am studying Veterinary Technology,” and “I fix machines all day, but I cannot fix my gay son…because he is not broken.

It’s such a lovely video and I encourage you to watch it. For me, I really was reminded the importance of such programs. They literally save lives.

‘The Place (Modesto, CA)’ Video

In case you’re wondering, the song played in the video is called “Boats and Birds” by Gregory and the Hawk.

  • Michael

    omg, this was so sweet. I cried a bit.