“The Paperboy” Starring Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron’s Unveils Poster

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but Zac Efron looks pretty hot in his new movie poster. Last year, I wrote a post where I listed off five guys who everyone found hot, but me. Zac Efron made that list because he was too pretty boy for my liking. But somehow in the past year, I’ve slowly jumped on board the Efron train.

It all started with “New Year’s Eve“. Sure, that movie was atrocious, but Zac’s storyline with Michelle Pfeiffer was the best thing about the romantic comedy. Will his new film starring another older actress, Nicole Kidman, endear Efron more to me? If the film’s one sheet is any indication, then yes.

Efron and Kidman star in the upcoming movie, “The Paperboy“, with Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack. The thriller is based on Peter Dexter’s 1995 novel and is directed by Lee Daniels, of “Precious” fame. It centers around a case involving a death row inmate (Cusack). An investigative reporter played by McConaughey tries to build a case to free an innocent man from prison. Things get complicated when McConaughey’s little brother (Zac Efron) becomes involved with a woman (Kidman) that Cusack’s character has been writing to from prison. Sounds like a whole bunch drama, right?

Gotta say, Zac looks smoking hot sporting a retro look. I know the poster is photoshopped, but when did the “High School Musical” star get guns? Have you read “The Paperboy“? Will you check out the film when it hits theater sometime in 2012? What do you think of the vintage-inspired one-sheet? Sound off below.

  • ADAM

    he got guns about 3 yrs ago , along with great abs . he is man pretty with a killer bod . stop being A h8r . i guess your research was flawed (non existant)when you put him on ur list last time . next time try checking some recent pics and facts

  • Isabelle

    I know he got pretty buff for The Lucky One playing a soldier and all. I agree, Zac wasnt a fav of mine until recently too when he grew up and got all sexy now he’s on my top 10 list for sure.