With many of your favorite TV shows ending for the season, you may need your fix of laughing at fictitious people’s problems by way of a web series. I’ve got just the suggestion: The Outs.

Filmmaker Adam Goldman brings a six-episode web series about the ways that people react when big relationships change in serious ways. There are two episodes out so far, the first titled “State Of The Union” and the second called “Whiskey Dick“.

It’s actually very well written and I loved a lot of the lines in it. In the opening scene of the first episode, the female lead Oona (Sasha Winters) asks her roommate Mitchell (Adam Goldman) if the fact that he has a date tonight the reason why he’s home early from work. He responds and explains, “Mmhmm. Take a half day from work so I could come home, clean everything, try on every cardigan I own, and then clean everything again because there are now cardigans everywhere.” She responds that she’s not judging because last week she slept with a guy from Trader Joe’s because she liked the way he handled her produce. “Ian?, he guesses. “No, not Ian. I know Ian’s name. This guy is IN my phone as Trader Joe. “Wow, stay classy,” he responds. LOL. Check out the first two episode below!

Episode 1: State Of The Union

Get to know the characters and how not to behave on a date in the first episode of The Outs.

Episode 2: “Whiskey Dick”

In Whiskey Dick, Jack gets more than he bargained for when he tries to pick up a stranger in Williamsburg, and Oona decides that revenge is a dish best served in a little black dress.