Can You Tell The Olsen Twins Apart?

Believe it or not, the Olsen Twins turned 26 today. It just seems like yesterday when Mary Kate and Ashley played the adorable Michelle Tanner on “Full House“. The fraternal twins stole the audience’s hearts and the show with their too-much-too-handle cuteness.

Once their ABC sitcom left the air in 1995, they began to heavily merchandise their image through their company Dualstar which they created in 1993. They released numerous DVDs, a clothing line, fragrances, books, dolls and so forth. Their company was so successful, Forbes has included them on their “The Celebrity 100 List” since 2002. In 2007, they ranked 11th with an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Even though their attempt to transition to more mature roles in “New York Minute” flopped, the twins have remained in the spotlight. Whether it was them enrolling and attending NYU, their latest boyfriends or what clothes they’re wearing (Boho chic anyone?), the public’s fascination with them hasn’t ceased. In fact, I think it’s even grown along with them.

I’ve searched far and wide to find pictures where the two were actually identified. See if you have what it takes to tell them apart beside the obvious of one of them being anorexic and the other being bulimic. LOL. I kid.

Which One Is Mary Kate?

Which One Is Mary Kate?

Which One Is Mary Kate?

Which One Is Mary Kate?

Which One Is Mary Kate?

Which One Is Mary Kate?

Which One Is Mary Kate?

Which One Is Mary Kate?

Which One Is Mary Kate?

Which One Is Mary Kate?

  • olsen-lover

    Ashley is left-handed and Mary-Kate right-handed 😛

  • Eng

    They are identical twins. Not fraternal. Mary kate has higher cheek bones lol.

  • Slade


  • =D

    Yeah Buddy – 10/10. I need an actual life and focus on my actual studies. lol.

    Eng: They are fraternal twins – Wikipedia it. Dat shit cray!

  • Eng

    I can’t believe it. They are actually fraternal. My bad hehe. Nice research author.

  • Rob

    though at a given time I didnt know what the *** I was picking haha I totally muddled after the 4th

  • Henry

    Honestly these girls are old news, nobody really cares about them.

  • Dbrewer75


    It’s sad that I did that well LOL

  • dpnhrd


  • sjadgsda

    This quiz is wrong, but nice try!

  • Andrea

    The 8th picture is wrong. Mary-Kate is on the right not left.

  • Jessica

    Fun idea, but the quiz isn’t very accurate. The 8th pic is definitely wrong, and I’m pretty sure the 4th is wrong too. In the kid pic, it’s hard to tell who the twin on the right is, but the girl on the left looks like Mary Kate to me.

  • Abby

    The 4th and 8th answers are wrong! I agree with Jessica! They look completely different, and I know that these are incorrect answers.

  • TT

    four is wrong-Mary-Kate is on the left
    eight is wrong- Mary-Kate is on the right
    you can tell by the cheeks and eyes and nose. Mary-Kate’s is wider on the nostrils rather than round
    and olsen lover that is not right. Mary-Kate is the left-handed one.

  • me

    I’m pretty sure you got it wrong 2/10 times:
    (8) – MKs hair is streight in this event, check out other pics.
    (4) – have no proof, but am 99% sure 🙂

  • Juju

    I got 8 out 10 whoopiii 🙂 Ashley is always the angelic looking one. Btw they’re fraternal twins how crazy!

  • Kimster

    On pic 4 you mixed them up! Mary-Kate is definatly on the left!! I am pretty sure about that.

  • Kaity

    8th picture… marykate is on the right… all others are correct!

  • Sam Harvey

    Question 4 – Mary Kate is on the left. Question 8 – Mary Kate is on the right 🙂

  • Sam

    4 is also wrong.

  • Sam

    4 is also wrong