A while back, I wrote about about the Mr. Gay World USA competition and how they were making a reality show out of it. The winner of Mr. Gay World USA was sent to South Africa in April to represent USA in Mr. Gay World. Since that competition has already happened, it is easy to Google and find out who won. The representative from the United States ended up winning Third Runner Up at Mr. Gay World in South Africa.

Homorazzi’s Man Crush Winner for 2011, Jonathan D. Lovitz, of Logo TV’s Set Up Squad and 1 Girl 5 Gays, is the official host of the show. One of the contestants was William Pontius from Seattle, who you may also recognize as one of the stars of the “Same Love” gay marriage rap video I wrote about last week.

Anyway, this new series is apparently called The Next American Gay (That’s all they could come up with for a title?) and the trailer has just come out. The guys are judged on hotness, strength, knowledge, leadership and more. Watch the trailer below. I have no idea what network this will be on.

‘The Next American Gays – Sizzle Trailer