Ever since Ryan Murphy joined Twitter a few weeks ago, he’s rewarded his followers with entertainment treats and morsels of info. From deleted scenes or casting news for his hit shows, Glee and American Horror Story, the uber producer can’t help but spill the beans or should I say tweet the beans. His latest reveal is regarding his new NBC sitcom, The New Normal.

Before I reveal who the two (completely) random guest stars are, can we briefly talk about the NBC sitcom? I know it has its fair share of haters (even in the the gay community) and the show can come off a bit preachy sometimes, but I really enjoy it. I really like the cast chemistry and firmly believe it’ll only get better as the writers finely hone the characters even more. Though she’s supposed to be the antagonist of the show, I really love Ellen Barkin. I often find myself laughing and clapping with the politically incorrect things that come out of her mouth. Dare I say it, the odd time I even agree with her. LOL.

By far, The New Normal is the best new comedy so far this Fall season. The Mindy Project is also a contender but has only aired one episode, but definitely has potential. Sure Matthew Perry’s comeback has higher ratings, but I zoned out of Go On after two episodes. And don’t even get me started on Animal Practice, Guys With Kids, CBS’ disappointing Partners and the God awful thing ABC premiered, The Neighbors. I definitely gave the latter a fair shot, but the pilot was horrible. Anyway, I digress. Let’s get to the casting news.

Murphy tweeted that, “Proud to announce Nicole Richie and the legendary George Takei are joining The New Normal family.” How completely random are those two? Takei is best known for his role in Star Trek and was most recently seen on Community and Celebrity Apprentice. Richie on her part began her career as Paris Hilton’s sidekick on Fox’s 2005 reality hit, The Simple Life, but managed to carve a respectable fashion career. I wonder if the two will appear in the same episode. The 46-year-old producer didn’t divulge what capacity the two will have on the sitcom.

What do you think of the upcoming guest stars? How do you think they’ll be incorporated in the show? Are you watching The New Normal? Do you think it has a shot at a full-season order and/or a Season 2 renewal? Sound off below.