Watch “The Morning After”

We’ve all had this happen to us. A one night stand. We wake up after a long night of partying, rub the sleep out of our eyes, roll over in bed only to discover that we’re not alone. And then, we leap out of bed and try to sneak a peek at who it is that is laying there. Where did we meet? What did we do? Who is he? That’s exactly what happens to Harry in the short film The Morning After. Check out the short’s synopsis:

The morning after a drunken night out, Harry’s (Joshua Berg) world is turned upside down when as he awakens to discover a naked man, Thom (Luke Striffler), in his bed. Stunned and confused, he tries to make sense of his repressed desires. In an attempt to re-assert his heterosexuality he revisits an old lover, Lucy (Juliet Lundholm), but finds little comfort from the encounter. Harry is left to make a decision: to follow his set path and return to his doting girlfriend Jess (Jane Alice), or attempt to understand his own wants and desires…

The short has great production value and come on, we’ve all known a straight friend of ours who has dabbled in the homosexuals realms only to A. jump back into the closet or B. join Team Homo. Whatever the case, or your sexual preference, I hope you enjoy this little short.

The Morning After

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    • Jojo

      Who played the guy in the bar at the end?

    • JohnnyR

      Whats the song at the end!!?!!?! Does anyone know?