Tommy’s Experience

At first glance at this headline, you might think that I am completely overexagerating in saying that. The truth is that I am not.

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour made it’s stop in Vancouver for the first of a three night engagement, and Jonny and I got to go to the show. I am going to thank Jonny until the end of time for that one for real. If you can remember, Jonny and I bonded over Gaga back when she came to the Commodore, and we will forever be bonded by the genius of this incredible artist.

While I don’t want to give TOO much away just yet because I know there are many fans out there who have yet to see the show live, I will say that I walked into this concert not knowing ANYTHING about it, except that she starts off with Dance in the Dark. That’s it, and for me that’s a huge deal. I’m someone who doesn’t like surprises at all. I like to know what is going on, and when, and for how long etc. But I wanted to give this a go…and I am SO happy I did.

The show opens with one of the greatest visuals I have seen at a concert…EVER! I hate to use the word concert because this didn’t feel like one most of the time. It was like I was in the coolest gay bar in the world, and our nightly performer was Lady Gaga. Everyone was there, gay, straight, man, woman, old, young, black, white we even found a couple leather daddies. Everyone was reveling in the brilliance of Gaga, and I was about to embark on one of the most amazing artistic experiences of my life.

When Dance in the Dark started, she was behind this see through screen with a laser maze projected on the front of it, and I lost. I was jumping and screaming and singing at the TOP of my lungs, and this is where I knew I was going to be something I never thought I would be. I NEVER thought I would be the jumping screaming crying fan that I like to make fun of, but I was. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this performer, and I knew every word and I cluthched my pearls a bunch of times. The theatrical production of this is like NOTHING I have seen yet, and the craziness of her fans is rivaled REALLY only by early Madonna I would say. Even with all the costumes, and productions, and dancers the best part about the show is when she breaks it down in the middle of the show with just her and her piano. I was standing there watching a future legend perform. She is already such an icon especially for the gay community, and this girl is going to be the biggest thing the music industry has seen well…since our last major icon; Madonna. The difference is Gaga is going to take it to a whole other level. She captures you, captures your soul and has a genuine love for her music and her fans. Her crowd banter is cheesy and yet completely charming. She has a brilliant mind because she knows what makes a good pop song, and every song she performs is perfection. I haven’t been to a concert where I loved every song, and missed all the other ones she didn’t perform.

Yes, I am the resident Gaga loony on this blog, and yes I may have gone into that concert already loving her, but I never thought I would leave this concert feeling like I had a religious experience. I have been in a state of euphoria since I left, and it will take me straight through to the next Gaga concert I see where no doubt she will once again capture my soul.

I am now, and forever will be, a Monster.


Jonny’s Experience

For Tommy- it may have been a religious experience. For me, it was a pure rush. Gaga is on top of her game. Her style, her grace and her ability to entertain is uncanny.

I guess the only complaint I have is that she has developed a sort of “british-madonna” accent. This from a girl who grew up Italian-American in New York City. And even though it took a few extra minutes for her to hit the stage, the entire crowd at the QEW was on their feet dancing to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.

A 5 out of 5

The concert drew such a diverse crowd, Everybody went GaGa and dressed up in their fiercest attire. The whole concept for the concert was breathtaking/dark/ and super creative. I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage from start to finish. After the concert we came home and watched Barbara Walters most fascinating people of 2009, Gaga of course made the list. She has already made Icon status in such a short amount of time. Props Lady Gaga!

Check out her interview with Barbara Walters below:

Now “Show me your Teeth”