Early Review of Mindy Kaling’s ‘The Mindy Project’

Mindy Kaling as the nosy and oh-so Forever 21 wearing and acting office gossip from NBC’s The Office is returning to TV in her own venture just as The Office comes to a close after 9 seasons this year. Not just the provider of some the BEST moments from this iconic and brit-ripped show, this talented chica was recently promoted to full exec producer of The Office and has in fact written 22 of the show’s episodes. Further, her collection of anecdotes and humourous life-based essays in Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? has proven her to be not just full of acting brawn but hilarious brain as well.

So, when I heard from Donovan’s article that she was starting up her own show called The Mindy Project, I was on-board and couldn’t wait to see what we were in store for. After some searching (it’s accessible on Fox’s website as they attempt to garner viewer interest), I was able to find an advance copy of the pilot of the show and had to tell my fellow mo’s about it. I will do my best not to spoiler but let’s be honest: it’s a comedy and I’m hardly explaining the origins of the island from Lost. So, click through to access the accurate trailer for The Mindy Project airing September 25th at 9:30PM Eastern Time and regularly Tuesdays this Fall.

First off- GREAT trailer. Little attention is properly given to previews/recaps/trailers and I’ve dated (for about 2.5 hours one sweaty Saturday evening in Hollywood) a director of such works and know the amount of thought and effort put into them so to see one so well done I have to stop and praise it. Interestingly, those close to me know that I HATE watching trailers as they often ruin surprises and twists for me I’d rather find out in the moment while watching (more than one time I’ve threatened to staple Patrick’s mouth shut as he attempts to ruin future episodes of Big Brother for me), but AFTER the fact I have no trouble seeing them and this one well captures the spirit of the show. So, if you like the trailer, you’ll def like the show.

About the show: well done Mindy! This show is less fairy tale lensed than most sitcoms and offers a slightly grittier version of TV comedy that more closely approaches real life. The protagonist- Mindy herself- isn’t perfect but neither is she so monstrously obscene that she becomes a joke and not an unrelatable character. Rather, she very purposely plays to the ever-desirable 20-40 something female demographic as a child of the 80s and 90s who’s fallen for every love story movie she’s ever seen and wants to be that love-struck girl happy and married at the end of Love Actually. It’s adorable and drives you a little crazy at the same time so thank hell she’s funny as hell while doing it. Long story short, the show centres around a gyno office and the doctors and admin staff that work there as Mindy plays a well-intentioned lady bits doctor herself who “tries to have it all“. Typical sounding I know, but Kaling makes it work I promise.

For the gays considering this show, there ARE two cuties to keep an eye out for. First, there’s the “antagonist” who I’m sure will end up in a not-so-hard-to-see twist become Mindy’s love interest by the end of the first season: Chris Messina. He’s a little shorter than I usually go for but cute in a smarmy Italian way. Then there’s the real hottie of the show Ed Weeks (WOOF) who plays the sex addicted stallion with an accent to boot. If memory serves he gets topless in the pilot so stay watching until at least that point (that said, they smartly leave it to the last scene). Otherwise, no typical gay character has appeared yet so fingers crossed we get a good one soon.

Most importantly, let’s look at the script and Mindy herself as they’re intertwined with her as the ex producer of this ep and the lead actress. It’s very well done. The first 5 minutes (which matter so much) pull your attention and have you smiling though not exactly falling out of your seat- but it isn’t quite that kind of show. This isn’t an outrageous comedy like Happy Endings but rather a smart piece that keeps you watching from start to finish. Mindy- as Mindy- plays the part of the hopeless romantic in 2012 to a tee. She’s smart, funny, slightly overweight and knows and owns it all while trying to “fix her life” hence the name: The Mindy Project. I can’t imagine a lot of single girls won’t see themselves in the girl that vows to quit using the elevator and start using those stairs…. or at least the escalator: baby steps. It’s humor and real life situations like that that you’ll get in this show and I absolutely recommend this to viewers looking for a smart, real laugh. Watch the trailer below and either try it up at FOX’s website or wait for Sept 25th. Enjoy!

‘The Mindy Project’ Trailer