Hot damn, I think I found my pick of the season and we’re only two episodes in. As much-talked-about new series like Revolution, The Mob Doctor and Partners blow it IMO despite bigger star names and budgets in their cast/crew/creatorship records, the little comedic engine(/ingenue) that could- The Mindy Project staring Mindy Kaling– is absolutely killing it. I know we’re very, very early in the season (literally episode 2 for most of the new shows), but that’s how this game of television is played and most don’t get a second, third or fourth chance to survive the ever-daunting chop block. Just like the exec big wigs, I’m a split-decision guy and I’m ready to announce that as of last night’s episode, The Mindy Project is the one to watch.

My original review of the premiere of this puppy was all thumbs up athat one of my favorite characters of the iconic US take on The Office was starting up her own show with her unique brand of 20/30-something female humour. Without re-hashing the themes and motive of the show (again, check out my original article for those deets), I will focus on this newest episode as post pilot we get a slightly less boy-crazy and desperate Mindy with a bit more wit and backbone which is heavily welcomed, offering us a protagonist with a relatable perspective and purpose. She is the smart, sassy everywoman of today. And, she’s f-ing hilarious as hell while being her.

Focusing on their Gyno office’s hirings and firings, the latest episode is most funny as Mindy Kaling sounds off with her sexy Italian counterpart Chris Messina as they very funnily attempt to hire on a new nurse. The newly opened spot is eventually filled by the unlikely Ike Barinholtz of “MadTV” fame who pulls of more than a couple zingers himself. The cast is well-placed, they have a really strong and clear dynamic that has you excited to see their shinning faces come on screen so you can see what kind of crazy they’ll bring up. I’ll posted a few clips of the episode below (a long and descriptive promo isn’t easy to find) to give you an idea of what you’re in store for. That said, this whole episode must be watched for the final closing moments as Mindy gets her dick partner back while riding the subway. The show smartly borders on racy without ever seeming desperate and I’m hella hopeful for what they’re coming out with next. Don’t forget to post your thoughts below!

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