When The Mindy Project is on its game, it’s friggin’ hilarious. Even when it’s off, Mindy Kaling saves the episode with her charming self. Even though the critically-acclaimed sitcom hasn’t resonated with viewers and become a breakout hit, FOX is behind the show. It recently gave it an expanded full-season order of episodes- two more than the usual.

Personally, I think the cast is on the bigger side. The need to trim down the fat so they can focus on the characters that work. Looks like producers of the FOX show agree with my sentiment. They are tinkering with the cast and getting rid of one completely and demoting one to recurring status. Have any ideas on who they are? Find out below.

While fantastic in the flick Pitch Perfect, Anna Camp (left) hasn’t been able to shine on the sitcom. Camp plays Mindy Kaling’s character’s best friend Gwen. Since most of the funniest bits involve her co-workers, it hasn’t been easy to incorporate her character to most of the action. Camp’s Gwen won’t be gone forever since she’ll still appear on a recurring basis. Reportedly, TVLine.com is claiming the actress asked to be “taken of contract” so that she can “pursue other opportunities“.

Former Gossip Girl minion Amanda Setton’s character isn’t so lucky. Even though, her receptionist character Shauna fits seamlessly in the work environment, she’s been cut for creative reasons. Not that I was her biggest fan, but I will miss her. The episode where Shauna took the work gang to a nightclub is my favorite of the season. I would’ve rather the other receptionist Betsy (Zoe Jarman) go. But I think they’re keeping her around as a possible love interest for Morgan (Ike Barinholtz).

Are you watching The Mindy Project? Do you think the cast shakeups will help the show? Who’s your favorite character? Why do you think the FOX sitcom hasn’t been a bigger hit with viewers? Sound off below.