Matt Damon Gets Left Behind In ‘The Martian’ Trailer


After a team of astronauts abort a mission to Mars due to a crazy storm, Mark Watney (Matt Damon) gets left behind and is presumed dead. In order to survive, he must “science the shit” out of the situation so that he can send a signal back home that he’s alive.

The film has a stellar cast including Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Sebastian Stan, Kristen Wiig and more. The film is scheduled for release on November 25, 2015. Check out the trailer below!

  • Brendan Moore

    All three of them are cute in completely different ways. 🙂

  • Rodney Holston

    I kinda dismissed Chris Lowell on Veronica Mars, think it was the hair. But when he popped up in The Help I was hooked, he looked so good in that one. But this Parker guy takes this one, love his look.

  • jesusismyhomeboy

    I wish that all 3 of em had been a choice!