Even though there were so many new movies that opened in theaters this weekend, The Lion King 3D remained “king of the jungle,” taking the top spot for its second weekend in a row. The film brought in another $22.1 million, bringing its total to $61.6 million so far. With such great performance in theaters, the outlook is good for the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the film on October 4th.

Four new films opened this weekend and they took the next four spots in the top 10 list. Coming in second place was the baseball movie, Moneyball starring Brad Pitt, bringing in a respectable $20.6 million. The film has had good reviews and clearly that reflected at the box office. Very close behind was Dolphin Tale at $20.3 million. This movie, starring Harry Connick Jr., is based on a true story about a brave dolphin and the compassionate strangers who worked together to save her life. Next up (with a huge drop to fourth) was Abduction, starring the sexy Taylor Lautner. This film, which has received really bad reviews, only brought in $11.2 million. Not too good considering they heavy promotion. I was looking forward to this movie, but I’ll likely wait until I can watch it on Apple TV now. Lastly, Killer Elite came in fifth with opening weekend numbers of $9.5 million. This action flick got mediocre ratings and I have absolutely no interest in watching it.

  • 1. The Lion King 3D: $22,130,000 ($61,676,070 total)
  • 2. Moneyball: $20,600,000 (opening)
  • 3. Dolphin Tale: $20,260,000 (opening)
  • 4. Abduction: $11,200,000 (opening)
  • 5. Killer Elite: $9,500,000 (opening)
  • 6. Contagion: $8,565,000 ($57,121,672 total)
  • 7. Drive (2011): $5,771,107 ($21,424,482 total)
  • 8. The Help: $4,400,000 ($154,444,102 total)
  • 9. Straw Dogs (2011): $2,100,000 ($8,883,854 total)
  • 10. I Don’t Know How She Does It: $2,053,000 ($8,019,425 total)