One of the Best Shows You Aren’t Watching: “The League”

On a recent recommendation kick (just click my name and you’ll see this theme makes up about 95% of my past month or so of articles), I’m shifting from music and movies for a second to return to my true love: television brilliance. Today’s lesson is brought to you by the letter “F” for football. WAIT! Before you click away, though being a pigskin tossin’ lover definitely adds a level to the enjoyment of this show, I am the opposite of a touchdown troubadour and still, this show brings me nothing but gut-bustin’ hilarity and utter enjoyment.

Here’s the premise: 5 best friends who are O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with all things football, play on a fantasy football team together… which basically means that in every minute of their free time (hell, during business meetings), they are checking injuries, point spreads and scoring records to set their “teams” for the coming week’s games. Basic premise aside, this show is about a group of 30-something men who never grew up, never wanted to and definitely aren’t about to start now. The actors range from an assortment of B-List flicks that you’ll “vaguely recognize them” from, but in this show they absolutely make a name for themselves. The humour is non-stop, the boundaries of typical TV don’t even exist with this show… of COURSE it’s on FX.

The draw of this show is less the suburban man’s take on the latest and greatest quarterbacks, and more the unique dynamic of a group of straight men and their love of a sport, forsaking all others. Turning this show into a drinking game would be as easy as takin’ a shot every time you here a should-be-bleeped insult that you’ve never even thought of… the words out of these boys mouth are the filthiest and funniest you will absolutely ever see on television. Though a real life fantasy team would likely include a bit more homophobia, these boys definitely know the power of gay viewership and steer clear of the usual “gaywad” bawdiness: good on them for that. The first season (*cough*available on torrents*cough*) is only about 6 episodes long so definitely an easy commitment to try out and give a chance. Beginning in medias res you’ll worry that you missed an episode or two when you watch the pilot, but don’t worry, this show just throws you into the mix and demands you to catch up. Give it a try- it just wrapped its second season and I for one can’t wait to see what’s next.

Unfortunately, this is one of those shows not readily available on YouTube in any reasonable quality so this ad is best I can get for ya. You do get to see most of the show’s cast and a slice of the humour you can expect with this one though!