ABC Developing Live Action Reboot Of ‘The Jetsons’

Meet George Jetson… again.

The Jetsons originally aired on ABC in 1962 as a futuristic counterpart to Hanna-Barbera’s popular prehistoric family, The Flintstones. The animated series only aired for one season, consisting of 24 episodes, but was later revived for syndication with new shows. The futuristic family also returned for numerous specials and movies in the years following. The alphabet network is looking to bring George Jetson and familia back for another spin, but this time as a live action series.

ABC has given a put pilot order for the multi-camera sitcom being executive produced by Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke and Jackie Levin. Writer Gary Janetti, who’s worked on Family Guy and Will & Grace, will pen the series and also serve as a producer. The new series, like the original, will air 100 years in the future, but with a contemporary modern filter.

Did you watch the cartoon? Interested in a live action reboot? Weigh in below.

The Jetsons Theme Song

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