The Hurt Locker Suing Tens Of Thousands Of Torrenters

It’s about to get a bit torrent ugly! The producers (Voltage Pictures) behind the Award-winning Oscar film The Hurt Locker, are working with the U.S. Copyright Group to sue for damages from all the torrents downloaded online. This will be a groundbreaking case!

Apparently, the film was leaked online more than five months before it was officially released in the US. The Oscar winning film received rave reviews, yet only grossed about $16 million in the U.S. – largely influenced by the torrents.

This isn’t the only film they are working on receiving damages for. They are also suing for about 10 other films including “including Uwe Boll’s ‘Far Cry,’ ‘Call of the Wild 3D’ and ‘Uncross the Stars.'”

“You can guess that relative to the films we’ve pursued already, the order of magnitude is much higher” with “Hurt Locker,” says one of the lawyers (Thomas Dunlap).

The authorities are working with Internet Service Providers to figure out all of the people that downloaded the film illegally.

Better start going to the theaters and/or renting all of you movie downloaders!

  • Haha, please write “largely influenced by the torrents” in quotation marks.. there’s a ton of evidence/studies out there that argue and damn near prove that torrents and the such haven’t in fact adversely affected music/movie sales at all… it’s the whole “if you really want to see it in the theatre/own the cd you will”… torrents give the option to us net surfers to view/hear things we might not otherwise be willing to risk 12 bucks and (more importantly) our evening on it.
    It’s actually funny, randomly this is like the ONE movie I didn’t DL so i’m actually in the clear 😛 not that i would actually worry, i doubt canucks are the first place they’re looking to arrest.

    ps. this movie was awful enough i can’t believe they’re making things worse by suing people… why can’t the Hurt Locker just die already? 😛