The Hunter‘, starring Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill, has just been released, with the film hitting theatres in April (on demand in March).

The film follows a man named Martin (Willem Dafoe) who is a mercenary and sent from Europe by a biotech company to the Tasmanian wilderness on a hunt for the last Tasmanian tiger. Some believe that they are already extinct, but he’s there to find out. The film also stars Sam Neill who seems to be making a big come back right now, with Alcatraz on television as well as a rumored return to his infamous role as Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park IV, with Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum also rumored to be reprising their roles.

‘The Hunter’ looks really interesting and intense, and who doesn’t love Sam Neill in the jungle amidst dangerous creatures that are technically supposed to be extinct. This film was made for him! Get your first look below (unless you are in Australia and have already seen it).

I should note that the film screened at TIFF, has already been released in Australia (where it was filmed), and is getting released in Japan on February 4.