The Hills Series Finale Recap & Parody: “A Hollywood Ending”

In this FINAL episode of The Hills (ever), we start off at the Crescent Restaurant with Stephanie, Lo, Kristin, and Audrina. They talk about how happy they are and the directions they are heading in. Audrina wanting to be by herself, Lo wanting babies with Scott, Stephanie happily dating, and Kristin wants a change.

Then next few scenes are pretty quick but there’s a lot of info flying around and the stage is being set for the closure of the show. We go golfing with Brody, Frankie, and Taylor. They talk about the “Kristin Saga” and how he’s dating someone new and the Kristin chapter is closed. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Lo are shopping and Lo convinces Stephanie to go see the guy she likes (Josh) do his motocross, while Stephanie convinces Lo that she should move in with Scott.

Kristin and Stacie are cozy in her backyard by the firepit discussing how Kristin is longing for change. Essentially, she wants to drive away in a town car, just as Lauren Conrad did when she left the show. She decides on a big change – moving to Europe….slash we all know it’s really just going to be a vacation. The next day, Kristin goes to Brody’s to tell him that she’s moving and that she’s having a going away party. It doesn’t go over well and he pretty much says he doesn’t want to see her off.

The visits continue, as Stephanie goes to check out Audrina’s new pad on the beach which is totally sweet. Stephanie tells her that she has a boyfriend now and they’re both happy. Closure for those two now on the show.

Next we go to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for Kristin’s going away. Everyone’s happy and there’s no drama except for the fact that Brody might not be coming, but in true Hills fashion, of course he does – nobody falls for that anymore. There is an emotional moment when Brody and Kristin talk and the both tear up as Brody asks her not to go. It’s actually a genuinely sweet moment.

Time for closure for Lo. We’re at Lo’s House with Scott, and he pretty much asks her to marry her, saying he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. This is also a super sweet moment. I’m gonna miss Lo.

Finally, we conclude at Kristin’s house, where Stacie is helping her finish packing. The driver calls and he’s ready to pick up Kristin. Along with the driver comes Brody. Stacie leaves them to it. Dramatic goodbye…. Brody: “I hope you find what you’re looking for. Goodbye I guess?” Kristin: “I can’t believe this is really goodbye.” Now here’s where it gets real. We then go through a dramatic montage of all the characters as Kristin drives away, and the show ends with the Hollywood backdrop behind Brody move away to reveal the reality of The Hills, sets, lights, crew and all. What was real? What was fake? We’ll never know I guess. Well, I guess we still have The City to follow Whitney’s fake real life!

Grrrr. I love slash hate the ending. I do like that they addressed that it isn’t all real, but I don’t like that they ended with Brody Jenner of all people and that there were no real surprises. I also did love that the show stuck to their word and Heidi and Spencer were left out of the show. I just wish that Holly would have still been included.

Songs Featured During This Episode:

  • Timbaland feat Katy Perry – If We Ever Meet Again
  • 3OH!3 – We Are Young
  • Marie Digby – Symphony
  • I Fight Dragons – Heads Up, Hearts Down
  • Rihanna – Fire Bomb
  • Eminem feat Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
  • Christian TV – When She Turns 18
  • Michelle Featherstone – Something Better

A “Looking Back” Spoof/Parody

  • Dan

    OMG Patrick, I watched this episode just to see how bad this show was now, and with a two year break I was basically rolling my eyes for 22 long minutes. The commercials were more believable than the Hills these days!

    How many times did they have to ponder growing up? Why did they all ‘need to do something new’? Why was Brody Jenner fake crying at a pool party? And most importantly, why didn’t you realize they used sets for this show?!?! Of course that last scene was shot at the studio! Man, I am going to miss this show…

    Actually, to be fair, I will miss your recaps.

  • Joe

    The best thing about `The Hiils`were your BRILLIANT spot-on parody/spoofs, Patrick !…..LMFAO….. Well done, mate !