The Hills Season 6 Episode 6 Recap & Parody: “I’m Done With You”


Okay, don’t forget, as always, there is a Video Parody/Spoof in this recap, so be sure to check it out. Okay. So. Kristin’s & Brody are walking along the beach, and Brody tells Kristin that he and Jayde are on a break, paving the way for him to get into her pants in future episodes. Kristin says he’s more fun when she’s not around aka in bed (except that he is a little vanilla according to her).

The main event for this episode takes place at Speidi’s house. It’s Heidi’s birthday, and Princess Heidi wants Spencer to throw her a birthday party in their party house that she never wanted. Boy do these two drive me nuts.

Meanwhile, LO & Audrina are folding laundry and discuss that they’ve both received an invite for Heidi’s party, but Lo can’t make it. Audrina wants to go, so naturally they discuss if Kristin will be there and how that will be. Seriously. The Hills formula is: Birthday Party + Unwanted Guest = Episode. Repeat. Always a birthday party. Always a confrontation.

Then, Kristin and a clean shaven Justin are out for a drink. They too talk about Speidi’s party. and what it’d be like if Audrina was there. Justin wants to avoid any potential drama, so he says he won’t be going. Not much chemistry going on with these two. It’s a ticking time bomb.

Almost time for the party, Heidi’s pretending to set up, nagging at Spencer for not helping her with the fake work that needs to be done. They discuss that Brody is coming with Kristin and start talking about what might happen with Kristin and Audrina. Hmm, I wonder? Enough hints already. Spencer then says he’s getting Heidi a sentimental gift.

Party time. Stephanie & Audrina are driving, en route to Speidi’s. Stephanie confirms with Audrina that Kristin’s going. Another hint. Shit’s definitely going down. PS. When Audrina get Mercedes G-Wagon?

Jen Bunny arrives!!! Oh how I’ve missed her. Nice plastic surgery! I guess now that LC’s not on the show she thinks she’s allowed back. Time for Heidi’s present, and voila it is two puppies, in lieu of having a Sperminated Speidi. No one wants that.

Audrina and Stephanie arrive. Audrina chats with Brody are outside and they catch up. Kristin is glaring from inside. Seriously. A death glare. Audrina goes on to tell Brody that Kristin will lure him away from Jayde and they end up ditching him when she’s done with him, if he’s not careful.

Later on, Kristin goes up to Audrina and asks to talk to her. She wants to clear the air. The air meaning, Justin Bobby. The talk couldn’t have gone worse, resulting in Audrina saying she couldn’t give two shits about what Krstin does or who she dates, with Kristin responding, “Fuck you, I’m done with you.”

The next day. Kristin’s house. Stacie comes over, who wasn’t at Heidi’s party since she had caused Heidi problems in the past? Hmm, she was at the wedding. Anyway, is this their new thing? Hangover hangout time at Kristin’s at the end of every episode? Stacie’s like a sluttier version of what Whitney was to Lauren Conrad when she was the lead. Kristin updates her on the drama, and says she has no respect for Justin and that she’s going to end it at lunch with Justin.

Now for the other girls drama debrief, Lo, Stephanie, and Audrina go to lunch and discuss the other night. Same thing as previous episodes. “Kristin’s mean. I don’t like her.” “Yeah, let’s not invite her to our birthday parties.”

Kristin goes to meet Justin for lunch, accuses him of being with Audrina, and tell him it’s done. Grabs her purse, and away she goes. Glad that’s over.


Songs Played During This Episode:
DJ Rap – “I Just Wanna Feel Good”
The Stunners – “Dance Around The Truth”
Melanie Fiona – “Give It To Me Right”
Carissa Rae – “Manipulate”
Ashley Tisdale – “Acting Out”
The All-American Rejects – “I Wanna”
Kelly Clarkson – “Impossible”
Kesha – “Tik Tok”