Well it’s the Season Finale and unfortunately for us, in this episode there is still no sign of Stephanie Pratt or Holly Montag. Boo! I guess it will be pretty uneventful.

Stacie and Kristin are back in LA, after weekend away in Vegas. They’re at Kristin’s discussing the fact that the summer’s over and also that Kristin doesn’t think it’s gonna work out with Justin. That being said, Stacie thinks she should give Justin a chance.

Meanwhile, Spencer’s (The Villain as he likes to call himself in the media) is shooting hoops with Brody to pretend like they still even hang out. Low and behold, they are talking about baby stuff and Heidi’s sperm hijacking. For Brody, he says that Jayde is trying to take their relationship to the next level.

Out doing some shopping at Catherine Malandrino, Audrina is with Lo and she says she called Justin because she feels like she has to meet him one last time. Not a dinner or anything, just to say what she has to say. I guess because Audrina has no other ties or friends in the show anymore? Neither does Lo for that matter.

Later, Kristin is with Justin at her beachfront home, starting to pack up. Justin says how he’s feeling about her, but Kristin thinks they should cool off for a bit and that she doesn’t want a boyfriend. Justin’s seem’s a little pissed off and walks off to pout.

Now more BS. Enzo is at Speidi’s and Spencer & Enzo are playing Wii. Spencer is alluding to the the pharmacy, etc. to Heidi, but not giving up the fact that he knows she fake bought a fake pregrancy test because they having nothing else going for them in this show.

Later, it’s Taylor’s Engagement party. WTF – who’s Taylor? Oh yeah, Sleazy T from Bromance with Brody. Jayde feels like if Taylor and Abbey are engaged after such a short period of time, that she and Brody should at the very least be moving in together. Coincidentally, all the boys are telling Brody he should start thinking about getting hitched next. Hmm….Planned much?

Later in the episode, Kristin and Stacey are at the beachand she fills Stacie in on what she said to Justin. She then goes on to talk about how her parents went through a divorce and she thinks it affects her not being able to get too close to guys.

Back to the engagement party, it’s now dinner. Jayde & Brody are talking about taking the next step…well Jayde is, but she thinks Brody is afraid of commitment. The two start bickering about moving in together, but Brody puts an end to it because he feels it’s neither the time or the place for their fake conversation.

With nothing else to do, Audrina goes to meet Justin at the pier, overlooking the water for dramatic effect. Audrina feels like she can even be friends with him and says he’s selfish. Justin reiterates that he and her were never together. Audrina proceeds to say, “You’re gonna grow to be a lonely old man.” She tells him she hopes he does fall in love with someone so that maybe then he’ll feel something. “I wish you the best Justin.”

At this point, it’s kinda like….this show is done, put a fork in it already. Seriously, THIS is the season finale? An entire season of fake baby talk for Speidi. Back & forth AGAIN for Audrina & Justin. Back & forth for Justin & Kristin. Back & forth for Kristin & Brody. Back & forth for Brody & Jayde. Barely anything for Stacie, Lo, Holly, and Stephanie….the ones that I find actually make the show interesting. Anyway….

At Speidi’s, Spencer confronts Heidi on the pregnancy test. Says she was hoping she was pregnant. Spencer, out of character, maturely says, “When we are both ready, we will have a baby.” God help us all.

Now we’re at Brody’s Condo, where he’s hanging with Taylor and Frankie. He thinks he’s done with Jayde. and tells the boys this. They discuss how long it’s been since Brody was single….you know before Olivia, Corra, Jayde, Britney, the other one, and Kelly and…. But, in keeping in the spirit of the inbreeding and the back & forthing, he says he may still have feelings for Kristin. Of course. Of course he still has fake feelings for Kristin.

Now, Justin drives to Kristin’s. She’s pretty much packed up the house. He had been driving around obsessing thinking about the two of them and says for some reason he can’t let it go. Kristin is willing to give it a shot as long as they give it 100%….well, that is until Brody tells her he still has feelings for her. Then it will be put on hold, and Justin will then talk to Audrina, then Kristin will want Justin back, and….well, before you know it another season will go by where nothing has happened.

At the end of the episode, Leona Lewis’ “Happy” comes on. And she’s right, I am “happy” that this season is over.

Here’s a mock, season finale discussion with the cast:

Songs Played During This Episode:

Shakira feat Lil Wayne – “Give It Up To Me”
Marie Digby – “Feel”
Green Day – “East Jesus Nowhere”
Santagold – “Say Aha”
Mike Snow – “Animal”
Dashboard Confessionals – “Blame It On The Changes”
Leona Lewis – “Happy”