4 Things You Didn’t Know About The Hills

The Hills, creator of the monstrous Speidi, pinup girl Audrina, and spinoff show, The City, all comes to an end tonight with the series finale. The other day, MTV revealed the secrets behind the show that remained unknown until now on a special half hour segment called The Hills Revealed. I found it sooo interesting because it explained so many aspects of the show, and really show how everything came together. There was a lot of, “If this didn’t happen, then this person would have never been in the show, or the show never would have aired.” Little did these teens know the show would turn them into worldwide celebrities, some loved and some hated.

4. First off, it all starts with Stephen Colletti (pictured above on the far left). MTV first wanted film the show at Beverly Hills High, but after they declined to approve filming at the school, they moved to Laguna Beach. There they interviewed students to find the right cast. One name kept coming up. Stephen Colletti. Who was this guy? He was the guy everyone had a crush on. All the girls liked him. But, he was in a bit of a love triangle with Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari – both girls that hand’t auditioned for the show either. So, the MTV execs got a hold of Colletti, then sat down with Conrad, but the key would be if they could get Cavallari. She was on her way from Colorado. and as soon as they got to sit down with her, they knew they had “dynamite” as they put it. So, Laguna Beach began, which later led to The Hills.

3. Justin Bobby was part of Audrina’s life before he appeared on The Hills. That makes sense. At first Audrina had a very minor role, with no real storylines other than friend of the main characters. It wasn’t until she met Justin Brescia, hair stylist to Maroon 5 and Adam Levine that things would change. Producers could tell that she had an interest in Justin Bobby on set (not on screen), but he didn’t want to be on camera. But when he showed he still had interest in Audrina and came back to her, she basically said if you want to be with me, you have to appear on camera which brought him on screen in Season 3. Then, Lo decided he should be called Justin Bobby, since he was wanting to change his name from Justin to Bobby, and thus became Justin Bobby.

2. Lady Gaga’s first MTV shoot was on The Hills. Crazy right? At the time, she was unknown and and Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port were responsible for helping styling her for a performance for a brand launch for a brand called Dylan George. But, Lady Gaga of course had her own style and brought in stuff that she made, so there wasn’t much styling to be done. So, there wasn’t much for them to do and if it hadn’t been for a wardrobe malfunction with Lauren Conrad fixing Gaga’s zipper just before she went on stage, the episode may never have aired.

1. The Heidi & Spencer Wedding (which we were outside of). No one knew that Lauren and Kristin were coming until the day of. Lauren didn’t know that Kristin was coming. All the surprise entrances were genuine. Kristin confirmed the day of. They were brought in through the back so the paparazzi (including us as seen in this shot from the The Hills Revealed screenshot above (where you can clearly see Donovan – I’m the short guy to his left) couldn’t see. Both Kristin and Lauren had to remain unseen, so they were each in separate rooms 30 or 40 feet apart in the church basement until they were cued to enter.

Tune in tonight for the series finale followed by a live Aftershow that will feature all of the cast, including the villainous Spencer Pratt show claims via Twitter that he is going to make a scene. I don’t doubt it. It will be an unforgettable Aftershow, that’s for sure.

  • OMG. I watched the same special and never saw that short brief clip of us. too funny. Think if the power never went out, we would’ve missed the entire footage we captured. Thank you, act of God.

  • I know! It was worth the wait in the end. Thank you Donovan for driving us there LOL.