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Have you ever wondered where the cast members of The Hills were before their MTV reality debut? Kristin, Lauren, and Heidi (pictured above) have a less shadowed past as they started on Laguna Beach and we’ve watched them progress from high school juniors and seniors into, well, “adults”. But what about all the other supporting characters? I took the time to dig up some dirt on the The Hills cast for you and here is what I found.

Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge grew up in Yorba Linda, California which is a suburb of Orange County just southeast of Downtown LA. Audrina may be the only brunette principal character on The Hills, but during her high school days at El Dorado High, she was, you guessed it, a blonde! Audrina was prom princess and a member of the school swim team. After graduation, she aspired to be a model and an actress but decided to attend university. After being “discovered” in an acting class, she dropped out of university and moved in with Whitney, Heidi and Lauren to begin filming The Hills. In 2008, nude photos of Audrina surfaced on the internet. She stated in interviews that these were before her “Hills Days” as a struggling model and actress. She was naive and very trusting of people around her. Audrina is a very active individual. She participates in various workout and fitness classes as well as taekwondo, and dance.

Brody Jenner

Many of you probably remember Brody Jenner from his debut in The Hills when he started dating Lauren Conrad. He is also known for dating Kristin Cavallari but before all of this, did you know Brody was also on another reality TV series? “The Princes of Malibu” was a show featuring Brody and his brother Brandon living under the roof of their mother and stepdad David Foster. Brody’s best friend Spencer Pratt also appeared on the reality show (which we will get to later). The show was produced by FOX but was canceled after only 2 episodes aired when Brody’s mom filed for divorce from Foster. Brody was often on the show with many women in the hot tub and racking up a large credit card bill for his step dad. In one episode, Brody and friends were at Nobu when his credit card was declined as Foster had shut them off. Brody also appears on his father’s show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in sparatic episodes. Brody has also “paid the bills” by modelling Guess?, Agent Provocateur, OP, and Cosmogirl.

Lo Bosworth

Lo (real name Lauren) got her start on Laguna Beach when cameras followed her and her friends around during their senior year. After graduation, Lo began studies at UCSB as a communication major. She then transferred to UCLA for her junior and senior year got her degree in Art History as well as becoming a sorority girl with Kappa Kappa Gamma. Lo didn’t start on The Hills right away though as her and Conrad were not on speaking terms due to a fight that had occurred in previous years with Jen Bunny (go figure). More interesting facts about Lo are that her parents are very strict, which is why she never appeared in episodes of Laguna Beach where they travelled to Catalina and Cabo. As her grad gift, her parents gave her a Volkwagen Jetta which she later sold on eBay for $15,000. Lo also does not have any online profiles like Facebook or MySpace. She had a MySpace once on private but has since deleted the account.

Spencer Pratt

As mentioned before in Brody’s section, Spencer got his reality TV start on “The Princes of Malibu”. He played the role of Brody’s manager, publicist, agent, stylist and well, bad influence. An intersting fact is that Spencer Pratt was the creater and an executive producer for the FOX reality show. Is this where Pratt Productions began? This show was the launching pad for him and Brody onto The Hills. A feud between Mary-Kate Olsen started when the two dissed each other on David Letterman. It has been found that the feud began in high school when Pratt sold a picture of Mary-Kate drinking at a party for $50,000. He also told Details magazine how he only got Brody Jenner to date Nicole Richie to try and make her eat and that he wanted to try and date every Hills girl cast member.

Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt was born in the Pacific Palisades and lived there with her family and older brother Spencer. After graduation from Crossroads High, she moved to Paris to attend College. After a year overseas, she moved back to LA to attend FIDM for a year which then lead to working as a production assistant on the hit ABC show “Lost” which was filmed on location in Hawaii. Stephanie was fired early on from the gig once the production company learned that Stephanie had shoplifted $1,300 worth of merchandise from Neiman Marcus in Honolulu. Theft isn’t Steph’s only vice. She has brought up in the last year she suffered from bulimia with pressure to be thin from being around skinny co-stars and co-workers. She has suffered from drug abuse and more recently alcohol abuse from her DUI arrest. Stephanie has a re-occuring spot on E!’s “The Soup” which is where she accused NBC of torturing her brother and sister-in-law during filming of “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here”.

Stacie the Bartender

Stacie Hall is an LA girl and bartender by trade at The Dime which has been featured regularly on the show. How did she get on the show? Well if you remember, Spencer started flirting with her one night away from Heidi. She claims via Zimbio that she was just in the right place at the right time. She was bartending that night and Spencer was talking/flirting with her. Producers came up to her and asked her if she wanted a mic. At the time she didn’t realize it was going to be such a big deal. She then became friends with Heidi and Spencer after the whole flirting disaster and was then invited to their wedding. This is where Kristin and Stacie met and became best of friends. Stacie now currently rooms with Holly Montag.

Whitney Port

Whitney is too an LA girl and daughter of Jeffery Port who is the owner of the fashion company Swarm. Whitney attended Warner Avenue Elementary and later Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences. After graduation, she attended USC and obtained a degree in gender studies where she roomed with Christina Schuller, a former Laguna Beach cast member which is where she met Lauren Conrad. Port started her own fashion career as an intern for Women’s Wear Daily for two summers and W magazine for another. After this, Whit became an intern with Lauren at Teen Vogue which is where her debut on The Hills began. Whitney has admitted that she is not as comfortable with the spotlight as her other costars and states that was her reason to not move in with Audrina and Lauren in season 3. However, she must have gotten over her fears and she now has her own MTV spin-off.

Roxy Olin

Roxy is the daughter of actors Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig. Roxy made her TV debut on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters. She got the role through her mom who plays homewrecking Holly Harper, and through her father (who is the executive producer). Roxy plays the part of closeted actor Chad Berry’s girlfriend who later gets dumped when he decides to leap out of the closet. Roxy was friends with Stephanie Pratt which is how Roxy was first introduced on The Hills and later formally in the episode of Lauren’s birthday boat party. Roxy isn’t Whitney’s sidekick on “The City” just because of The Hills. Roxy and Whitney actually go all the way back to high school, Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences. This is also where Spencer Pratt attended high school, although Roxy says she tries to forget about that.

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    You know, Roxy, Spencer, Brody, Whitney, Stephanie, and I think a few other cast members all went to Crossroads. I’m going too!