Check Out “The Hangover Part 2? Trailer

It’s highly anticipated, but will it match or surpass the first one? I’m talking about the sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time, The Hangover. I introduced Patrick to the movie this summer and he laughed his butt off wondering why he hadn’t seen it earlier. With the laugh out loud and jaw dropping moments from the first flick, are we asking too much to have the same, if not better reaction for the sequel?

This time around, the Wolf Pack ends up in Bangkok for Stu’s wedding. With how things went in Vegas the first time around, Stu would just like a laid back, pre-wedding brunch. However, he is convinced to head out for one beer and bring along Stu’s fiancée’s little brother, Tommy. But, when the boys wake up, they realize they’ve done it again, but this time, they’ve lost Tommy. Will they find Tommy and figure out their evening before the wedding?

The trailer doesn’t seem that funny which makes me a little concerned. Hopefully they just left all the funny bits out. Looking into the movie’s IMDb, there are a bunch of kids cast as Young versions of the four leads. That should be interesting to see how they tie that in to the movie. Watch the trailer and give me your thoughts.